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Shake I Found on a Torrent Site

16 oz. Grape Juice
0.25 grams of protein per pound of body mass
0.8 grams of carbohydrate per pound of body mass
0.05 grams of creatine for every pound of body mass.
0.1 gram of glutamine per pound of bodyweight

An example of a “cocktail” for a 200 lb. with 10% bodyfat is as follows:
50 grams of protein
80 grams of carbohydrate powder
20 grams of glutamine
10 grams of creatine
16 oz. Of grape juice (approximately 80grams of carbohydrates)
Mix in blender or shaker cup and chill before you workout

I’m looking for a good shake. What do you think?
Whats in your shake, please?