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Shake Alternative

For about the past week I’ve been making kind of an alternative to a normal shake and I was gonna see what everyone thought about it. I’ve got some just average whey stuff but it tastes like crap and it makes me sick when i drink it in the mornings. So instead I’ve been using this.

1 1/2 cups of 1% milk
2 eggs
4 tbsp ovaltine

I just stir it all together and it tastes pretty good. I dont plan on using this for long, just until I can get some Low-Carb Grow!. I drink this in the morning with my oatmeal. I drink my normal whey stuff PWO. Is it alright to use this?

Why does Whole Milk get such a bad rap?

Be a man! Just chug down 16-32oz of WHOLE MILK! Tastes great, temporarily filling.

I gained 20lbs on my last bulking phase, I attribute 1/2 of the gains to 32-64oz whole milk/day…but if you drink that much, make sure you are eating some active culture yogurt to help with the “processing”…or you will regret it :wink:

BTW, of that 20lbs…only 3lbs were fat =)

I am now in maintanence phase now, and still drinking 16-32oz/day and still losing weight…I love Carbolin19 and a ramped-up metabolism.

oh, and a Grow! Bar with a glass of whole milk is SUCH a treat!

I love Ovaltine.

I drank many Carnation Instant Breakfasts with raw eggs in them as a kid. I am not so interested in drinking raw eggs any more, although I still do on occasion.

This shake probably isn’t too bad. Make sure your eggs are fresh and wash them before cracking…


Not to be a wuss, but if those are raw eggs, you might want to reconsider. Food poisoning isn’t fun. It isn’t likely that you’ll get hit, but better safe than sorry?

Skip the raw eggs.

Other than potential food poisoning, I believe they need to be cooked to be fully utilized.

Raw eggs IMO from time to time are not that bad. Running a slight risk sure but I also run probably a higher risk everytime I walk to the store here in DC and have to Cross a street. With that siad and our Murder rate probably a higher risk just sitting at home.

On the protein availability I am fairly sure it has been found that it is the whites that are more available when cooked and the proteij in the yolks is better raw. So either way cooked raw you get a little of both. Unless you scramble the whites and then add the yolks to the cooked white. MMMMM" good.

Anyway your shake sounds ok. Another suggestion if you klike it is Homemade egg nog. MMMMMMM"


every morning for a long time me and bro drink

8 raw egg whites, 1/2 pint of full fat milk and 2 bananas in a blender apart from th odd bout of the pharts it is fine

at least i think so