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Shake Advice?

I trained for about 6 months with minimal gains so I decided to take some time to learn before I started back up. Recently I started back up and have a system that I want to run by you guys to see if I should correct anything.

I am about 5’10, 19 years old and weighing in around 140 at the moment. Ideally I would like to be 170-190. Supplement wise I have Glutamine powder and optimum whey protien. I take a shake when i wake up w/ milk, preworkout w/ milk, post workout w/ water abd glutamine and then before bed with glutamine and milk.

Is this a good set up for protien shake intake? Should I even be taking this? Any tips would help greatly on how to pack on some muscle mass…

Drop the glutamine, your getting plenty from the shakes.

Um no gains hows the diet whjat are you eating?? Not gaining not eating enough plain and simple yes protein shakes are food and the plan you have is ok but what are you eating