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Shake Addditives - Upping the Calories


Anyone use Nuttelex? Anyone know how much you could have of this as a healthy additive?
Because it is a butter-like consistency, and is fairly tasteless, I might be able to add it to shakes/drinks for added calories, when peanut-butter would otherwise ruin the flavour.

Also anyone add Nutella to their shakes?

What about Coconut Oil?

I know a lot of you try to add in a bit of olive oil to your shakes, but it never really mixes for me...

Anyone blend their own peanut butter? Can you make seed butter too? or doesn't it work like that? Add some peanut oil to some seeds, blend... That is all I was imagining.

With a blender, OH the possibilities!


I love adding coconut oil to Metabolic Drive. Also, my local tap water is damn good so I'm able to mix it with warm water from the tap to make it dissolve quickly.


I tried coconut oil and it tasted horrendous. I now add 100% coconut cream to my morning shakes. A very easy 250 calories.


olive oil (blends better in thicker shakes)
cottage cheese (makes them thicker)
nuts (blend well)
peanut/almond butter
whole eggs
flax seed


Man, I remember pouring Flax Seed Oil in my shakes back when I was in grad school. There was no Internet back then, and my roommate thought I was insane adding a fatty oil to a damn protein shake. All I cared about was the calories though.



I generally use olive oil for some extra calories. I can't really stand the taste unless I put some PB in there too, which to me, completely hides it. I've even tried putting olive oil in my berry based smoothies and again, with a bit of PB, it completely hides it. I personally thought PB and berries would taste like... well, trash... but if you put just enough in to mask the taste of the olive oil, then it's not enough to compete with the berries. lol Turns that innocent banana-berry smoothie into a calorie monster. Woo!

I also do blended oats every now and then too. I pre-blend the oats with my protein powder and then once I have a nice fine powder, I add the rest of whatever I want to use in there. I absolutely cannot stand the taste of oats in my shake unless there is a banana in there too. Bananas for whatever reason completely hide the flavour of the oats for me (just like how the PB hides the taste of the olive oil).

My current shake for trying to pack on some weight is like a scoop of whey, a cup of blended oats, a banana, some PB, and two table spoons of olive oil. Comes in at just under 1000 calories, so it's really handy on those days where I'm strapped for time to make "real food".

I personally haven't tried coconut oil, but I want to pick some up when I can. I guess I stupidly assumed it would have a coconut-ish flavour... am I very mistaken?


I am currently doing a shake consisting of:

3 scoops chocolate Metabolic Drive Muscle Growth Formula
~1/2-3/4cup HEAVY CREAM (big calorie booster here) and I try and get it organic and from grass fed cows if possible
~1tbspn coconut oil
~1tbspn peanut, cashew or almond butter
~small handful cacao nibs
ice cubes

Not quite sure calorie content of the shake but it's pretty substantial


I try and get two of these a day in between solid meals-

1 scoop chocolate casein-120 cals
1 scoop vanilla whey-120 cals
1/2 cup oats-150 cals
1 large banana-[just googled it and they said 135? Can that be right?]
Big ass spoonful of natty PB- 200+cals

So that's realistically 700+ cals per shake. You could add all kinds of shit to get it upwards of 1,000cals if you wanted.


^yea bananas have arnd 120 calories depending on the size of the banana


Guess that makes sense. 30g carbs is 120 cals, so there ya go.


2 scoops protein powder and a tablespoon of PB completely removes the taste of a tablespoon of flax oil.

IMO Biotest's protein powders taste the best, I feel like I'm drinking a reese's shake.


Do what Hungry4more does:

raw eggs.

They are so easy to get down if you mix it up well and don't change flavor all too much.

if you do a shitty job mixing them up though... that can be fun times. suddenly having a yolk in your mouth and having to swallow it whole can be a fun experience...


evoo FTW!


Don't really drink shakes but when I do I read over these whenever I'm feeling adventurous.

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