Shady T400?

I suppose most of u more experienced guys wouldn’t mess with this compound all together,but ive got 3 vials of Test-400 with a 2010 experation date which i thought was fishy theres no hologram and it only is moderately painful to shoot,so ive been shooting it 2 weeks with no different feeling to be expected i would think?So what im asking is would u guys pin yourself with this shit for 2 more weeks to see if it’s fake or throw it out.

Longer estered test seems to take 2-3 weeks to kick in for most.

Longer estered test seems to take 2-3 weeks to kick in for most.

I understand lil just been reading about this company being faked as of late.I might have a high pain tolerance since it doesn’t hurt that bad i dunno,i also have pink 50 mg diababol 50 on 1 side B with a line then D on the other and iv’e been taking them in conjunction and feel nothing,just a little bit bummed and venting.

I have personally never heard of 50 mg d bol tabs. Thats not to say they dont exist.

Im unaware of how much of each product you are using as you havent stated this info.

However if 2 weeks in and you are using say 500ish or more mg of test per week and 50mg of d bol per day and you sill havent gained anything, then in fact the d bol at the very least is fake.

50 mg dbol is real, they are square.

Well technically speaking, you could make an oral with however much of a certain compound you wish.

Chances are, your UGL just made a dumb decision regarding dbol. 50mg at one time is a huge waste, unless of course you took it a few hours before training as a boost. Dbol should be taken multiple times throughout the day so as to stabilize blood levels.