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Shadow Pro Q&A 4.0


Match the amount of the test you are taking. so if you take 200mg test E a week
Do the same with Tren E. I always find the 1 to 1 ratio works ideal in terms of results.


shadow have you heard of any pro’s past or present that didnt use an AI for prep ? i think dorian once said he only used nolva leading up to show ? was thinking back in the day they wouldnt have had access to AI’s so they would just use nolva or teslac and still come in shredded?


So up till this day,nolve is still my favorite go to anti estrogen and it is my staple in every cycle I do. lots of people raving how AI is better but in practicality I always seen nolvadex works the best.so yes you can come shredded with Just nolvadex but not very common today as everyone are doing a mix of whatever they can get their hands on. so a “normal” few weeks of a meet prep can look like : arimadex,nolva,proviron, and all have there place depending on the prep and person.


Hi Shadow, please help me with some questions:

Before start new cycle i took 10 weeks break from aas and i made blood test for see how is me healthy and everything was good and testosteron was 1600ng/ dl, hgh normal limits,and igf1 192. After 3 weeks with aas and with gh i made again blood test for testosterone,hgh and igf for check if me aas is real and not fake. Now i have 20ng/ dl testosterone, 15600 gh and igf1 is same 192…from this results i can see gh is real( is pharma) but me testo can be fake? I had in off aas 1600 and after 3 weeks with 1000mg testo cyp/week i have 20…what do u can say about this?

  1. If my gh is real…i have 15600 why igf is same(normal limits) like in off? Gh up from 241 to 15600…??

Thank u so much in advance!