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Shadow Pro Q&A 4.0


Match the amount of the test you are taking. so if you take 200mg test E a week
Do the same with Tren E. I always find the 1 to 1 ratio works ideal in terms of results.


shadow have you heard of any pro’s past or present that didnt use an AI for prep ? i think dorian once said he only used nolva leading up to show ? was thinking back in the day they wouldnt have had access to AI’s so they would just use nolva or teslac and still come in shredded?


So up till this day,nolve is still my favorite go to anti estrogen and it is my staple in every cycle I do. lots of people raving how AI is better but in practicality I always seen nolvadex works the best.so yes you can come shredded with Just nolvadex but not very common today as everyone are doing a mix of whatever they can get their hands on. so a “normal” few weeks of a meet prep can look like : arimadex,nolva,proviron, and all have there place depending on the prep and person.


Hi Shadow, please help me with some questions:

Before start new cycle i took 10 weeks break from aas and i made blood test for see how is me healthy and everything was good and testosteron was 1600ng/ dl, hgh normal limits,and igf1 192. After 3 weeks with aas and with gh i made again blood test for testosterone,hgh and igf for check if me aas is real and not fake. Now i have 20ng/ dl testosterone, 15600 gh and igf1 is same 192…from this results i can see gh is real( is pharma) but me testo can be fake? I had in off aas 1600 and after 3 weeks with 1000mg testo cyp/week i have 20…what do u can say about this?

  1. If my gh is real…i have 15600 why igf is same(normal limits) like in off? Gh up from 241 to 15600…??

Thank u so much in advance!


Hey @Shadow_Pro

Finished a cycle 1st of July that consisted of 16 weeks of:
800mg Test e
600mg Deca
600mg EQ
Aromasin 25mg eod
And some dbol at the start

Since coming off and doing PCT, everything indicates that I have recovered. Balls are back to normal size , training is going well, not lost much strength, etc.
HOWEVER … since coming off I have had practically 0 sex drive , and really struggling to maintain an errection.

Never had this problem before , but it was the first time I ran deca.

Is there anything you can suggest before I have to resort to a trip to the DR’s ?


hey shadow
these may have been asked but i honestly dont have the time to go through all threads and re read (plus very hard to read on mobile phone)

  1. do you avoid excersises that dont give a good pump ? (for me; laying cable tricep extension doesnt give a good pump?) yet overhead tricep press and standing cable overhead tricep does…

  2. i see you stated that cruise dose is around the test dosage used for bulk cycle , so if i usually peak at 750mg -1g test, would my cruise dose be 375-500 mg test? to hold that hard earned muscle ?

  3. as you suggested i use test/eq/tren e for my offseason and love it! but also believe in ‘shocking’ the body , would you either up dose from previous year, or swap out y compound for x compound midyear? if so what would you swap and to what ‘x’ compound ? (e.g swap eq for what?) really curious on this as i think together these 3 compounds support each other so much so wouldnt know what to swap or do to ‘shock’ the body (apart from upping food, more volume, changing training around etc) would npp be a good to interchange the eq with ? and would it be wiser to start my offseason cycle with npp and then transfer to eq (as eq is much longer ester, and i cannot stand deca; atleast npp i can pull out if sides arise)

  4. (sorry this has probably been asked alot) how many sets do you do per bodypart? asking because should i stop once the pump has gone (this usually happens for me around 12-15 sets; biceps about 10th set) ?

  5. this may be a way off question but, do you believe in custom orthotics? recently found out my left leg is pronated more than right, and i swear this has made my left quad grow different than right , possibly even throwing my hips and spine off

  1. i’ve been on TRT for 2 years (80mg test-e twice/week), have done 2 blasts with 440mg test e/week for 16 weeks each. results were underwhelming, do you think this is due to the fact that my body is already used to external T at a good/high level?

  2. Would you recommend stacking something else (only mild thinks would be an option, I’m not looking to get on stage, just adding about 10 more pounds of lean muscle) like MK-677 or just go higher with test-e?
    tren is not an option, boldenone/EQ (afraid of heart/hermatocrit issues) and deca (prolactine, also I might come off completly in the future to try to have kids) are also not that appealing…

  3. Do you think it would make sense to go completly off (even of TRT) for a few months, in order do “clear” the receptors? the months would be hell, and I would for sure lose a bit of size, but would it be worth it because the response afterwards would be much better when I’m doing my next blast from 0 then from just cruising at my TRT dose?


Hi Shadow…is good ideea take peptides with gh or only gh?
Thank u!