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Shadow Pro Q&A 4.0


Well, the chances you can get REAL IGF1 are close to ZERO and even if you can its almost double the price of GH when bought in a pharmacy. if this miracle happen and you can I would probably use it for 2 main things. building muscle(so offseason )and combat injuries. yes, you can take it with GH no issue, they will just enhance each other work.


Would you prefer an all test cycle to a test and deca cycle?


hey shadow saw this and thought it was pretty interesting, whats your thoughts on what happened to ronnie after he hooked up with chad ? something did change, im not sure if it was the slin, but he did go to another level, he already had a great foundation and work ethic, its as though he added something that really sat well with his body? or he added it at a perfect time?.. he done something that just clicked well and he blew up again further? what do you think he did to make this happen?


Hi Shadow,
1.I want to know if u take anavar and wini same times before contest with halotest? I ask u becsuse anavar and wini are all anabolics and halotest is androgen…do u think make sens take both(wini and anavar) same times?
2. How many mgs is best take wini, anavar and halotest / day as orals?
3. What do u use for keep liver health?
4. My blood work is good, ecograf is good but i have GOT and GPT to liver a bit high…GGT is perfect…i know GOT and GPT can be high from high protein, too much work…what do u think?
Many thanks for all!


100% yes!


Take Anavar only if YOU KNOW its real and if you lean enough. less then 100mg a day wont do much, winstrol 50-100mg a day might as well take the injectible if you going to take both Var and Halo. with the Halo start low at 6 weeks out with 10mg a day and taper up 10mg each week till the show.
Tudca and NAC combo as long with high doges of curcumin and flame out are your best bet to keep liver values at bay ,LOTS of fluids as well
Keep an eye on your liver values and stop orals if its going over 3 times then normal levels.


@Shadow_Pro cool thanks man. Next cycle i was going back to the tried and true test eq tren cycle but maybe I’ll give an all test run a go. Thanks again brother.


Hi Shadow, for know if me gh pharma is real what analise (blood work) i must do? Gh level in blood or Igf1 level in blood? Same question for testosteron: testosteron level or testosteton free level?

Thank u so much!


I would do both for both substances!


Hey Shadow just wanted to see what you think of my current physique and where I should go from here. I’m currently barely able to get in the gym and rn I’m cutting so that I can lean bulk as soon as I can get down to as low of a percentage of body fat as possible. I’m on only a shot of 200mg test e and EQ to retain as much muscles as I can while dieting.


Hey Man. first of all I hope you understand you are very lean, if you diet to get into a body fat % that is acceptable to start a cycle you are already in it. so if your goal is to build new muscle that no need to diet anymore and just start eating, training and growing! I’m not sure if you are planning to compete or just doing it for fun? my advice is always keep your body fat under 10-12% even in the off season but you way under it… so if bodybuilding is your goal so you need to FOCUS HARD on just y growing and forget dieting for a while. heavy weights ,lots of plasma during your sessions and basic test/EQ / possibly Tren and dbol cycle and good diet and you will be on your way to a new level of muscle.
good luck


Hi Shadow!

I have two months from stop all aas and this week I did all the medical blood tests (monday will begin preparing for me next contest which will be in Octomber). All the analyzes are good but ALT in the liver is slightly increased, but probably because of the heavy workouts and from the high protein diet. Prolactin is perfect, thyroid, kidney, prostate, hdl,trigliceride,hdh,ldl hematocrit are ok but estrogen is slightly high then normal limit in conditions where the testosterone level is at the upper limit (1600ng) and I am in a decent form. What can be explication?
Thank u so much again!


Did you do a proper PCT with HCG,Nolvadex, and Clomid?
Did you take AI DURING the cycle? and HCG?
If you messed up any of those it can explain why levels are still high… you can do a week or 2 of 0.5 armiadex every 3rd day and see if it helps. if it’s not a huge increase from regular levels and you don’t have any bad side effects from it then it’s not a huge deal but try to nail the HCG/NOLVADEX during the next cycle and proper PCT and it should prevent it. I also recommend to take REZ-V year round as it does MAGIC to balance your hormones in general and T/E specifically. I’m taking 6 caps a day 3 before bed and 3 in the morning and it helped so much with balancing my hormones off and on cycle.


Thank u Shadow!

Do u take turinabol for off season or for precontest? Also, how much do u recommend for turinabol per day? Is hard for liver or not really?
Thank u again!


It’s a decent drug for someone who want to put mass on without to much water retention but it’s not as strong as Dbol and you still retain some water…so not as dry as winstrol… If you decide to take it , then anywhere between 30-100mg a day depends on your experience level and goals.
and if we are on this topic I believe that any bodybuilder should take the following “health supplements” year round if he care about long term health.
3)REZ-V -3-6 caps daily
4)TUDCA-500-1000MG A DAY depnding if you on or off cycle
5)NAC-samd dosge as TUDCA,


Thank u so much!
The only problem is Flameout, Tudca and Rez-v not found anywhere in me country.


Hi Shadow, u trying take ipamorelin? If i have gh make senses combine with ipamorelin? Which is better?

Thank u!


I’m planning on lean bulking here as soon as I can get back into the gym consistently as my living situation is complicated rn…When I do decide to start bulking what would be a good level of tren to add in to the cycle I’m currently running to get the mass I want without a bunch of side effects?


order them from this site!!! The company send internationally!



I would not bother with it. take more Gh if you can afford it ,you can add some humolog if you experience enough to use it and your diet is PERFECT.