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Shadow Pro Q&A 4.0

Hey ShadowPro! hope all is good.
Have few Questions for you, thanks in advance.
1- About Anadrol & T3, I read that it is better that both to be taken before sleep, as Anadrol won’t mess the appetite, also pituitary gland stops during sleep so better to take T3 when body needs it.
Do you agree? If yes Can both be taken together? please advise.
2- 200 Mcg T3 with 25 Mcg T3, will amplify T3 or useless?
3- Did you ever combined H-Log & Humalin-R together is same day? If yes, ,ay you explain doses for both and timing differences?
4- 500 Mg Metaformin Or 500 Mg berberine? What would you choose?
5- Pullover for Pecs And Lats? What is the difference in execution?
Thanks again!

Intelligent questions.

  1. The statements you listed are not wrong, but also consider the dosage that you are on and the drug’s half life. If you are taking small dosages (up to 50mg of each) then anadrol yes before bed and possibly T3 (I will personally argue that taking it with GH pre cardio can yield better results). On higher dosages you’ll need to divide it - for anadrol that is probably pre workout, post workout, and at night. T3 would be divided between morning, pre cardio (never pre weight training), and night - depending.
    Two side notes - some people T3 impacts sleep a little bit and anadrol will always suppress appetite to a degree.
  2. I assume you mean T4? Yes but why not just take more T3 instead? The second you are introducing outside T3 you are impacting your body’s own production so you may as well just take more of that rather than adding T4?
  3. unless you are a very high level pro (and even then i would rarely recommend taking two kinds of insulin together), you need to remember with insulin that just as you can gain muscle more easily, you can have the same result with fat. The only time you would ever even think of a combo like this would be in an off season when your calories are high. Even if you’re diet is perfect you are still risking gaining fat and becomming insulin resistant faster. More is not always better.
    Stick to humalog pre and post workout, drink you Plazma and in terms of lean muscle gain you’ll get the best result.
  4. This really depends on what kind of cycle you’re doing and how much insulin you’re using (and what kind). Traditionally I usually use metaformin but I have also seen decent results with berberine. You need to ask yourself - why are you wanting to mess with your insulin levels with so many substances? The better you get and the more you eat, the more challenging it becomes to keep insulin sensitivity high - as a rule of thumb I would not run insulin more than 8-10 weeks straight and thats pushing it.
  5. This sounds like a question for another forum :wink:

How well does the HPTA recover from occasional GH use, so your body can bounce back to producing pre using levels of natural GH?

I ask because I’m 41 & would consider using GH to shrug off old injuries, if the HPTA easily bounces back.

Otherwise I’ll wait until I’m 60 or so & go onto an anti-aging GH dose hehe \m/

Thanks Shadow Pro :))

Hey. Good question. To be honest, at 41 your the amount of natural GH your body can produce is meagre and the outside GH use will probably be a blessing. I would not worry about HPTA recover from a few months of 2-4 a day. Inject as close as possible to the injured area and ideally after some rehab work. It’s also probably one of the only drugs that I would consider entirely safe for use in low dosing and with minimal/if at all side effects. You will see just positive from it with using it the way you plan. Good luck!

Thanks for your reply, Shadow Pro :slight_smile:

That’s very interesting. I think I’ll get my IGF-1 tested & see what my natural GH number is.

I’d go on permanent anti-aging GH straight away, it’s not the daily injections that bother me, it seems like a massive hassle to store & transport GH. Like I’d be tied to a ball & chain kinda thing. Is that right or have I got the wrong impression?

Thanks again

You are welcome. I like intelligent questions and to see people doing there homework :): smiley: blood work is ALWAYS a good idea!
It’s not as complicated as it sounds. If we are talking about 2-4, i.u GH a day. And if your goal is anti-ageing/rehab/prehab injuries, then most likely you can get away with one daily shot. Either first thing in the morning on an empty stomach 30min before food or right after your rehab Exercises. Which I don’t think it a massive issue as it takes literally 1min to load and inject if that. As for travelling with it as long that you have a script then you can take it with you in your carry on bag in a small cooler bag, and there are (depending what brand you are using ) pens that don’t require it to be in the fridge. So easy to travel with as well. The benefits you get outweigh the cons BIG TIME in my opinion. lmk if you have any more questions and I’ll do my best to help.

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I see Norditropin FlexPro & NordiFlex GH pens don’t need refrigeration after the first use for up to 3 weeks.

I’ll think some more on this, thanks Shadow Pro :slight_smile:

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ok ive gone with your rebound protocol, and blown up like crazy , ive put on no fat, minimal water, and feel strong as hell, and LOTS of energy, possibly the comparison from being in diet phase then slowly adjusting carbs accordingly back in normal zone haha - either way i love how i feel … ive slowly upped carbs/adjusted macros and cals… and currently back at maintenence 3600 cals… from here i will slowly up again … to 3750… even higher if i plateau during year… so many thanks , i appreciate the help and will always incorporate this

quick question… after a few weeks i feel as though estro creeps up , i was wondering if taking something like just .5 adex once a week or something will keep it from spilling … … i understand nolva blocks it at certain sites, and i dont have any gyno signs… but would all that free estro floating around cause lethargy or possible sides like that? so wouldnt taking .5 - 1mg just one day a week be enough to keep it from ‘spilling over’ or anything… or maybe theres another drug/formula that works better… (maybe letro once a fortnight or aromasin once a week? etc) or do you just avoid all AI in this phase and only incorporate during diet phase?

I’m so happy the advice helped!
As for your question - I’m not against the idea, but you do need to do bloodwork again to see if your feeling is correct or not. If you are currently taking nolva then you shouldn’t add anything else (it’s not just that Nolva blocks estrogen in certain areas, it also makes it unusable for the body while this drug is in the system…you don’t have to worry about “spillover” while using this drug - it won’t just “float” there). If you do bloodwork and see that estrogen is creeping up, you can add arimadex 1-2 times per week at 0.5mg - don’t take the stronger ones off cycle.
DO take Rex V twice per day - it’s great for balancing estrogen and test while you’re cleaning up …honestly I would take this regardless (ideally paired with Alpha Male).
Also keep in mind if you don’t feel as good off as you did on…partly it’s just that you’re off lol…your body is trying to recover and you’re now adapted to the feeling of having gear in your system - youll never feel as good off as on.
If you are going into an off season cycle - just do Nolva and don’t mix in any other anti estrogen - no need unless you have gyno or are in dieting phase where you need to be really dry.

Hello, thank you for your informations about this. I’ve done at least 10 cycles so far and had minimal gyno while on. My last cycle was last summer and out of nowhere i get a puffy nipple now. I got my hands on some letro and i will to the reversal gyno cycle before i start cutting.

I’m an ectomorph so being extremely ripped or dry it doesn’t really concern me. Having said that i will swap winny with anavar this time, also from previous experience tren makes me kinda aggressive so i will keep it to 10 weeks max and no more than 75mg EOD.

I plan on doing standard 12 week cutting cycle Prop/Tren Ace/Var/Clen.
1-12 Prop 100mg EOD
3-12 Tren Ace 75mg EOD
6-12 Anavar at 50mg ED

HCG//AI//SERMS (Pharma Grade)
HCG in our pharmacies are 5000 IU at 2ml bacteriostatic water.
Pharma grade 30 tabs Aromasin/25mg and 30 tabs Letrozole/2.5mg.
Nolvadex and Clomifen can be ordered anytime.

I need some advice on following :

  1. How does the cycle look? What do you think on winny vs anavar and their placement in the cycle (should they be in the beginning or at the end)?
  2. If 250-500 IU of HCG x 2 weekly is needed during the cycle, how can i make that 5000 IU dose in smaller doses(if i use 500 IU it would be 0.2ml of the dose), how long can HCG be stored in the fridge after mixing?
  3. Having limited AI’s (30tab Arom, 30tab Letro), how would you recommend for these to be used during the cycle for controlling estrogen, should it be used all the time or when simptoms start occuring?
  4. Should i use Nolva all the time during the cycle and continue with standard PCT protocol after that? Should i incorporate the Clomifene in PCT?
  5. I have normal but in lower range limit results of sperm count? What do you recommend after cycle about this?

Thank you!

hey man

Ok, you have most of your stuff in place but here are some suggestions that might be more appropriate . also if you can post a current picture I can be a LOT more specific with my advice.
1)Change the Anavar to Masteron prop-75mg ed with your tren ace and test prop. It will make you way harder and vascular then var and also have great anti-estrogenic properties that will help with your gyno issues. If you don’t want to take out the Var, I would still add the Masteron in. Unless you are competing Var is overly priced weak drug, and for someone with a lot of experience, there is not really a point. Beside that the cycle looks great. just have caber on hand in case you need it. I will also run Nolvadex throughout the whole cycle at 20mg a day and more if you need it. On top of it, 0.5 mg of Arimidex every other day can be used as well if you are sensitive to gyno.

2)HCG-250I.U twice a week. Just mix the whole 5000i. U, put it 250i. U slin needles and freeze it. it can be frozen for quite a bit of time and defrost it the night before you need to shoot

3)Winny vs -VAR- as long as you don’t have joints issues Winstrol is much stronger and more efficient. I like to use them at the start of the cycle but depends on your goal it can be used in the end as well, case to case bases.

4)Nolvadex throughout the whole cycle and in PCT as well. Clomid can be used for five weeks in PCT, but I would decide it by blood tests and by how much “shut down” your systems are. In your case, it’s a medium cycle, and you might be able to get away without it. Use the Arimidex if you limited either 0.5 twice a week through the whole cycle or ONLY if you signs of gyno and upping the Nolvadex does not help. Nolvadex alone if you are not competing or have gyno issue, to begin with, should be enough.

5)Take REZ-V AND ALPH MALE year round! Those two supplements ss Made a huge difference for me in that area.

post some pics, and I can probably be able to help more

Hi just saw this thread.

I am suffering from deca dick from last one year.

I have tried external testo shots hcg clomid nolva caber prami bromo proviron everything g which I could get from local pharmacy but am still screwed.

Please advice what can be done.

I saw you mention freezing hcg in a response a while ago. I’m thinking you mix it up, load syringes, and freeze the syringe. Put it in the fridge the night before and inject the next day. Is this correct?

Context - I’ve been on TRT for several years, would like to restore some hypertrophy to my manly bits by using hcg short term, and cycling it. I’ve read three weeks on, one week off is good, 250 iu 3xweek. I know there’s a lot of other advice out there, 500-750 iu, etc…

My idea is to do the three on, one off for a few months once or twice a year just to keep some size, but purchasing hcg is problematic - my endo doesn’t believe in it. So I can buy it from overseas, but shipping is a bitch, and a 5000 iu vial is much more than I need if I mix it up - it will go bad before I use it all.

So, if I can freeze it after it’s mixed, in syringes, that would be great. But I read that freezing reconstituted hcg can create particles that can cause PIP.

Your take?

Much thanks in advance!

Hey Shadow I was looking at starting my 2nd cycle you helped me out with the first cycle bumping up the nolvadex from 10mg to 20mg ED.
2nd cycle is basically the same as my first. I have had nearly a year off between cycles, PCT went well for me.
Test-E @ 500mg/week
Nolvadex @20mg/day

So I’m 47 have had a couple of kids and have had the snip. I did run HCG @ 250iu 2x/week for my first cycle, do you think its really worth running it for my second?, I know my balls will shrink and that it will take longer for me to recover going into PCT, just your thoughts on this.?

Hi Shadow Pro,

I wish know if u hear about Hilma Biocare and if gh(somatropin) from Hilma is good gh or not? How about Omnitrope Sandoz gh? Ur opinion please??
Thank u so much in advance!

Another question for u Shadow, do u take dostinex precontest or not? If yes, how u take this?
Thank u!

Please tell me how much and for how long you took all the medications you wrote in your post.
Hard to help if I don’t know exact amounts and time. The first thing you should do is go on the alpha male supplement that you can order on this site and go through 3 full bottles.
It will at least will give your body a good start to recover its own production. Have you done any blood test? If so post the results so I can see what going on.
What was your exact cycle and for how long and when did your Deca did started?
Give me all of this info, and I’ll try to help.

where the hell do you live that pharmacies stock all of that?!?

I did not hear about that brand. Is that a pharmaceutical brand or UGL? If its UGL don’t bother and save your money. Omnitrope is a decent brand IF YOU CAN GET THE REAL THING. Lots of fakes of it in the market and sometimes it’s impossible to know the difference I would say that unless you are actually getting it from an actual pharmacy, it’s very risky. My favourite brand is still SEROSTIM.
hope that helps

I used it before and didn’t get much out of it. I would not bother with it. Not worth it.