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Shadow Pro Q&A 4.0

genuine – not being a dick – questions about enhancement.

Hi, I’m after some legit info on what and how people take. I’m not so much interested in starting but I’ve “offered” advice in passing about getting enhancement. And it’s at a point where my “naivety” make me feel stupid.
I’d talk to the guys that have mentioned it to me. But I’m VERY adverse to taking advice from them. None use themselves (it’s a few guys at work/pub I know). So it would be 3rd hand bro science.

So – sorry if I ask stupid questions. If it comes over I’m being dim – it’s because I don’t like to assume info and I need things spelt out to me. It’s a result of being an engineer. I don’t like assumptions.
I’d also like to add – I have nothing against them either. In fact – I’m pretty “pro whatever you want”. If people can jump into a boxing ring and intentionally brain damage each other, then a fucking cycle or two is not a huge deal?

I’ll start with simple.
What sorts are there? I had always assumed that there loads of types and it looks like I’m right. Are they all massively different or are they similar? Are any better than other and do some have other effects?
I notice that you can take pure test? Like synthesised or extracted? I saw the term AI. What’s that? I now that sounds like an odd question. But I’m a bit curious.

Side effects – obviously artificially adjusting your hormone levels will mess with your normal process. What are they, and how bad? I’ve read the “rear delts” thread and I have to say I find it hard to see why people would cycle. But then I’ve used recreation/prescription drugs illegally. So I guess it’s not that different.
BTW if you read this dude – Good Luck.
Is it fair to say that the “best” results come from the substances with the most side effects? Or is it a case of there is a cycle with 90% of the results with very few side effects?
How likely are side effects? Can you get results from a dose so low it will not elicit negative effects? And what are “large doses”?

How to administer? Are there tablets, or is it injections? And why cycle and not just stay on it? Do you need a reset every now and again? And how long can you cycle at one go? Ad what’s the off period like?

Lastly (which is an odd question from someone that does not want to start on it) – if I did wanna start up – what’s the best way forward? When I’ve used recreational’s I’ve planned a “jester” night. I’ve taken a tiny dose – in a controlled way - and measured my reaction. Then I have a way forward. I can measure out the dose so I’m having a good time but I’m not melting in the corner. Is this similar? Start light – dip a toe and then see how I respond?

Any and all responses are welcome. ASsI say this is a genuine – I want a snap shot of this world – thread. I’m sick and tired of guys at the pub telling me I can take XYZ without any side effects. Or they can get me stuff to manage my cycle.


i apologize if this has been asked before

if one was 3 weeks out to comp, using 100 mg test p eod , 100 tren a eod , would you up your adex to .5-1mg pd? or is 1mg pushing it too far for dryness? - do you completely eliminate estro before a show or just keep it low ?


for a lean bulk of test, eq and tren e … could you replace the tren e and use tren a instead? or is tren e better suited for this purpose ?

Make it happen, man. try to maybe order to a friend that can send it to you. it’s 100% worth it, all the other peri-workout products I tried are sub-par compared to plasma
when there is a will there is away.

At 400mg per week, I REALLY doubt that you will have an issue,
but yes Aspirin can help to an extent IF there is a problem… You should donate blood regardless at least twice a year it will only do your body a favour.

The answer to your first questions is VERY individual and will change from case to case.
In general 0.5-1mg Arimidex can work just fine to the cycle you wrote especially pre-contest when you want your estrogen low(no you don’t want to eliminate it entirely but for sure want it on the low side- again change from case to case.

As for a lean bulk of testE/EQ/TREN E -I would probably will stick to the Tren E is less potent seems to give less side effect and you won’t need at least everyday shots like you will need with the Tren A. just make more sense when you are offseason[quote=“whoremoan, post:1153, topic:209438, full:true”]
i apologize if this has been asked before

if one was 3 weeks out to comp, using 100 mg test p eod , 100 tren a eod , would you up your adex to .5-1mg pd? or is 1mg pushing it too far for dryness? - do you completely eliminate estro before a show or just keep it low ?


for a lean bulk of test, eq and tren e … could you replace the tren e and use tren a instead? or is tren e better suited for this purpose ?

Start by reading this VERY CAREFULLY, once you will have a basic understanding of it come back and ask questions

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  1. whats the longest you can run t3 safely? (including tapering up to 60-70mcg and back down)?

  2. would you ever include mast e to a test e/eq/tren e cycle for someone whos more sensitive to estro/holds water in skin ?

  3. would you use adrol instead of dbol if dbol is too much estrogen for me (i may be being paranoid about estro - everyones estro ‘sensitive’ lol)

  4. do you think wel see a return of kai or jay sometime this year ?

  5. would you ever recommend 10iu insulin for someone whos never used before, and is NOT on hgh ? or would that just be a recipe for fat gain moreso ?

  6. do you know of any ifbb pros that have milk while dieting for comp ?

  7. whats the lowest eq amount for lean bulk for a 200lbs rebounding after comp?

  8. would you run eq even if you had no problem with appetite at all ? serioulsy feels like i have to diet even when bulking… dieting is complete hell and need to be occopied and moving at all times haha

  9. ever used a 5ml barrel to inject like 3.5ml or even 5 for that matter ? lol

Hi Shadow Pro, i want take 250ui hcg 2 times/week during the cycle aas as u said. Me questions is how long times stay safe hcg to cold after mixture(dissolving) because i have only 5000ui hcg/ ampule.
Thank u in advance!

Ok so…
1)I saw bodybuilders who run it for 20 weeks and had no issues as long as they taper down correctly and used a natural supplement that encourages more T4 production during the taper down phase(like hot rox). Your thyroid gland is one of the easiest glands to recover if done right.

2)Yes, it’s an option… to actually see benefits from the MAS E, you will have to be pretty lean, to begin with. And keep a very solid clean diet to see the hardening/drying benefits mast can give you… since it also a mild anti E it can be an excellent addition to the above cycle. I usually have it in my offseason cycles if I can get or afford Primo.

3)Again, yes it’s an option… I find in general that Androl is WAY MORE HARSH on your systems in general then dbol… Ya, I think you are a little bit paranoid lol… take a good amount of anti E and pay close attention for changes happening, get blood work in time and you should be ok with dbol. I prefer it much more regarding strength/size gains vs side effects.
4)I would bet against it. They have nothing to earn and everything to lose… especially Jay

5)Really case to case depended… how lean the person is? Insulin sensitivity levels?
Diet? Cardio? Genetics? You get the point.

6)there were two guys from Europe that claim they drank milk during prep… hard for me to believe, they also did not place very well, to say the least…

7)500-600mg a week

8)Well on the flip side of that…No deca dick, great veins, easier to grow because you can eat more, ability to do more reps with heavier weights… so yes absolutely

9)nope lol

many thanks !
just an update … got bloods back today …
running test p , tren a and mast p with stanna , t3 and clen

t3 im tapering down at the moment… i went up to 50mcg and got the bloods at 40mcg… now im at 30 mcg … this is what confuses me…
my tsh is 1.11 miu/l (range 0.50-5.00)
free t3 is 3.4 (range 3.5-6.5 pmol/l)
free t4 is 6.9 (range 9.0-25.00 pmol/l)
^^ why so low at 40mcg t3 ??? could i increase from now and taper up to 60-70mcg? and then back down to finish this cut ready for rebound ? so far im on 2nd bottle of pharma t3 (100 in ea bottle) would i be pushing it too far if i extend the t3 ? just really want to maximise everything as im looking the best i ever have … is it possible my ‘pharma’ t3 is fake??
i am thinking of rebounding and not having a break as all other bloods came back perfect!!
all rwc, rbc etc etc is perfect , kidney (urea) has actually gone down!! and still in great range… so very happy about that! hormones, heart etc etc all looking great …
ive been using test p which is underdosed , and i have a fair bit of pharma test e ready for my rebound of test e, tren e, and eq ( possibly mast e also)

Well in the fridge it can last for three days if mixed with antibacterial water. But you can mix the 5000 and freeze it and then just take it out the night before you need to inject.

Well, I saw stranger things then fake “pharm t3” if you don’t actually get it physically from the pharmacy it can easily be a fake and it’s not uncommon, so this will explain the blood test. The rebound idea is ok… maybe if you can post the blood results I can give you the more accurate info.

will do right now ! dont go anywhere :wink: and thats crazy… atm im running 400 mg test p for this cut… and bloods came back lower than expected… same place i got it is where i got this t3 … crazy i had this deep down suss feeling with the guy even though we were meant to be mates… will never be going back to him again … will post up bloods now … is there any other way to get a low reading ?? even if its bunk it still means my thyroids pretty shitty atm… could be due to such a low cal intake being im dieting ? should i get more t3 elsewhere and try again ?

If I had to guess I would say you just use bunk stuff all together
It’s hard to give any different feedback then find a different source. T3 can be diet related if you slowed your metabolism drastically but unless you did some really unsmart choices dieting wise, it should not happen. Regroup, decide what your goals are and write to me when you clear on those. I’ll do my best to help

yep! got it all checked , was all bunk accept the tren and mast p … ive regrouped and stocked up
ok so plan is to diet down to a good enough bf% to rebound and start a lean bulk , using advice as you suggested on here (slowly, upping carbs, swapping from short to long esthers,)
at the moment im on 125 pharma test e pw
200 test p wk
300 mg tren a wk
300 mast p wk
80mcg clen ed
20 nolva ed
im 89kg , 5 '10 - i have no idea what my bf% is
diet is 2500 cals - been dieting last 12 weeks
50% protein, 25% carbs, 25% fats
all clean, chicken, salmon, red meat, eggs, oats, sweet pot, white rice, natural peanut butter, olive oil

im pretty much just dieting and going through the dieting phases for self displine and practice lol

im more focused on a rebound as i think im not ready for a competition just yet… so if i can give myself a year im hoping maybe i can , or atleast set me on my way
i have kids, and am set up enough to do this long term- id prefer to save hgh for later when i reach my max on anabolics… i dont mind working harder to make up for lack of hgh

how much more bodyfat should i drop before this rebound phase?

as youve suggested, i definetly want to use test e/tren e/ eq +hcg , what dosage should i begin with?

im thinking of using adrol for the start of rebound, as i heard it works really well at low bodyfat levels and tends to push more water into the muscle at this state, what do you think ?

i will get bloods every 3 months, im hoping to stay on the whole year to work towards my goal

any other tips or advice you can give would be muchly appreciated

If I need to judge by the last picture (with the gorilla head)your body fat is low enough to start a rebound phase. If I had to guess I would say you are at 6-7%%, which is an excellent place to start. If you want to run the classic lean mass combo of Test e/ Tren E/ EQ for injectables and want to add an oral for the kickstart, I would go with DBOL and not with Anadrol. dbol and tren have a GREAT synergy effect together and fewer side effects then adrol so that would be my choice, saying that Anadrol can work great as well. as for dosing, you can start with something like this
1)Test E 750-1000mg per week(start low and bump it up mid cycle)
2)Tren E 400-600 per (same idea as the test)
3)EQ 800-1200mg a week - make sure you get blood test when on the higher dosage
4)Dbol for the first eight weeks- start at 40mg a day and bump up to 10mg every week till you reach 100mg and then taper down and stop.
5)Nolvadex 20mg a day just keep at it in as is.
6)drop clen NOW! No need for it in the rebound phase.
MAKE SURE to take NAC, TUDCA and kidney support to protect your liver and kidneys
Also, MAKE SURE that curcumin and flameout are a regular of your supplements the health benefits that these supplements will give you is what will help you to stay in the game and to prevent major health issues, that is as important as your cycle if not more.
Stay consistent, TRAIN HARD IN THIS NEXT PHASE and you will see significant gains
also, just a side note up to the carbs to at least 40 % in your diet and lower the fats. It should not be more than 10-15% top in your rebound diet.

Really appreciate the info ! I will definetly be taking all your advice… In regards to calories, I’m sitting on about 2500 right now , do I slowly up the cals very slowly (starting with carbs-possibly adding plasma intra?) or up it a few hundred at once?

Also should I start the long esters right now and then drop the short esters 2 weeks from today ?

I will definetly be training hard and making the most of out this rebound … Thanks again

Any changes you do to your diet or drugs should ALWAYS be done as gradually as possible.you should hire a diet coach to help you with these adjustments as it VERY individual especially in the rebound phase. For me, plasma is A MUST no matter what phase you are in, and you are MISSING SO MUCH if you are not utilizing your intra workout nutrition properly.
Start adding the slow esters NOW and give them time to kick in BEFORE you drop your short esters, slowly lower the dosage of the short esters while introducing the long ones and roughly at 2-3 weeks stay only with the long ones.