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Shadow Pro Q&A 4.0

For fat burning purposes, it is better to shoot SQ.
For muscle building purposes I would go IM.
Cruise and blast timing depends on the person and their last cycle, but the healthy answer is at least the same amount of time between as the cycle was. In reality, most pros take 1/2 the amount of the time they were on the last cycle and then do blood work until it looks ok to blast again (I said pros - I do not recommend this).

Thank u again Shadow Pro!

So, because I have a bad english let me know if i understand well-

  1. In AAS (when will try detox my body and keep me muscles and low fat) will take 3 ui IM (all dose) in the morning before 30 min food.
  2. Off-season - 3-ou preworkout, 3-post workout and 3 ui in the night (4 hours after sleep)
  3. Precontest - 3 ui in the morning before food and cardio and 3 ui before bed or post workout.


I also want to ask if I take 3 ui gh postworkout will need wait 30 minutes to eat / drink food, aminos, bcaa, glutamine or protein to increase gh efficiency?

Thanks a lot again Shadow Pro!!

Sorry for disturb u again but i wish know what type of diet do you use in the off season and in the pretest? What is the ratio of carbs, protein and fats in both periods. Also what do you think about intermittent fasting diet?

Today I just read an article where it was written in the following way:

GH it may be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously (the latter being the most commonly used). The subcutaneous route has a 75% absorption and an intramuscular dose of 63%. Is this true?

Many many thanks for all great support u give, really appreciate a lot!

Again me Shadow…u said the pro bodybuilders use between 18-36 ui gh/ day. How they take this? How many dose/day and how much per serving?
I asek this because in past i read one article by Milos Sarcev about gh and he said for not have side effects do not take more 4ui/ dose(serving).

Appologize if i have to ask too many ansewers…is great we have u here.

  1. everything is correct except do the injection SQ
  2. yes perfect
  3. if you can do 3iu morning, 3iu preworkout, 3iu before bed (recovery is more important than building muscle when in a calorie deficit and prepping for a show)

GH question - if you have Plazma intraworkout (and you should) then there’s no nead to wait since you’ll have carbs in your system and the GH will spike IGF1 again. If you don’t use Plazma (you’re dumb if you don’t) then I would wait the 30 minutes.

Diet - sorry man this is a juice forum. There are a lot of great resources on this site for nutritional advice. I will say that intermittent fasting is not for body building. It can work for fat loss based purely on not eating, but you lose too much in performance. If you follow exact macros, there are better ways to lay your calories out in a day.

GH - no it’s not true.
I would love to see where you read this :slight_smile:

Well if you are worried about GH side effects you are in the wrong sport since the other juice will impact you way more haha.
4iu is a therapeutic dose - depends on your goal.
All steroid use is a risk which is why it’s important to educate yourself, ask questions here, and then decide how to best support your goals and what you are willing to risk to get there.
As for pros - if they are at a level that they can afford this dosage then they would use is night and post workout at the highest dosages, and then 2 -4 additional injections in equal doses in the day

Thank u so much. Is everything very clear now except the nr1 question where u said about SQ? How is corect there? Can u explain please?
Thanks again!

I read about gh here

Growth hormone administration
Doses are 2-6 U.I. (international units) to achieve the best results, but they are also people who use higher doses. But the ideal dose is calculated according to the weight of each. The most used doses by athletes are 2 - 4 U.I. It was thought that daily administration is very important because HGH has a low life span. But further studies have negated this hypothesis. The best way to administer is one day yes no. This improves the natural growth hormone release pulses and avoids over-saturation of the receptors, which results in better long-term results.

The most appropriate is to administer one day yes no one; on the day it is given, it is done in two halves, in the morning after waking up and in the evening before bedtime. The optimal dose for administration is 0.028 IU / kg body weight. So someone who weighs 90 pounds will administer about 2.5 U.I. twice a day for a total daily dose of 5 U.I.

Maximum blood concentration occurs 4-6 hours after injection and has a half-life of 30 minutes. Clearly, this will make it difficult to maintain HGH levels in the blood. Effects are also more pronounced when used for long periods of time, often several months. It can also be used for shorter periods, but especially when looking for fat loss. For this, a cycle of at least 6 weeks should be followed. Generally it has a slow action and results as visible as it can be seen after 8-12 weeks.

It may be administered intramuscularly or subcutaneously (the latter being the most commonly used). The subcutaneous route has a 75% absorption and an intramuscular dose of 63%. Subcutaneous injection also leads to the loss of fat where it is done, which necessitates changing the injection site every time for a symmetrical body look. It seems most agree when it comes to the fat burning properties of HGH. They are the most pronounced and they see themselves as quickly as possible, and very high doses are not needed.

Other substances can be used concurrently with growth hormone for the best effects. It seems that the body also needs a greater amount of thyroid hormones, insulin and androgens, when levels of HGH are high. To begin with, the addition of thyroid hormones will increase the thermogenic effect of the cycle. Cytomel or Synthroid (T3 or T4) can be given. And insulin is welcome in such a cycle, especially for its anabolic precursors. Steroids are also needed for HGH to reach its anabolic potential. An androgen is preferred, such as testosterone or trenbolone. The androgen effect is welcome because it promotes anabolism in ways other than those of growth hormone. This combination of HGH, anabolic, insulin and T3 is very synergistic, being the best method to accumulate muscle mass and lose body fat. However, it should be taken into account that thyroid hormones and insulin are strong substances that involve some additional risks. Strong and risky combinations like the above are not recommended to professionals, much less to amateurs, and in no case to specialist supervision.

But dosent matter…i did understand well now and thank u.

In my country i dont have Plazma for take intraworking…with what could I replace it? What is Plazma, what is it, what does it contain?

A last question Shadow…i want let u know i dont use insulin preworkout just gh(3 ui). In this case will need Plazma?
Again appologize for all this questions but want do all the best things. I appreciate u spend times for answers.

Hi Shadow! Just a quick one!

It’s been 2 years since I did my last cycle (short and low dosages), and I’ll like to do a new one soon but minimizing side effects using low doses and not longer than 12 weeks.

I’m using test enant. as a base about 250-375mg/week. To aid the test I was wondering to use another on or two compounds and I’m thinking in deca/primo/eq (have to choose between 1 or 2 of these). Also I could add something oral like anavar or winny.

I would appreciate if you could give me your opinion about what stack could be the best with those anabolics considering to obtain the best results combining them, but taking care about dosage and side effects.

Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry I don’t think I understand the question here?
My comment was that when you are cruising or off AAS, then you should inject GH SQ.
When you are off you want to try and have things be in your blood as long as possible, and it’s more suitable for health/ fat loss at this dose (under 6iu you wont get much building or maintainance benefit) and when doing gh for these reasons it’s better SQ

Ok I’m glad you understand.
This info isn’t even close to reliable.

You can get Plazma from Biotest online …I’m sure that they deliver almost anywhere?? There are other options but to be honest I’ve never tried anything close (and I’ve tried everything) to the quality of Plazma and I highly recommend ordering it…it’s worth the $$.
Let me know if you actually can’t obtain it and we can discuss options.

In my opinion you need Plazma regardless. In my opinion this is one of the number one things that is key in your diet and training. When you are dieting one of the most important aspects is carb timing and a key point is intraworkout nutrition. This is an essential component of taking your training seriously.

It really depends on your goal. If your goal is to gain size then I would pick EQ, as it will also increase your appetite and it’s good for collagen synthesis (similar to what Deca does but doesn’t cause as much water retention and wont cause dick issues). It will also make you veiny and harder. The only down side is that it increases your hematocrit levels so blood donation after 12 weeks is a good idea.
If you are only taking 400mg of test a week (I would increase to a minimum of 500) then EQ should be 650-750 per week. If you want to add an oral - unless you are under 10% body fat and want to be stage ready then anavar wont do much for you (plus the chances you will get the real thing is slim). Primo is a great choice but also really hard to get the real thing. Winstrol is a valid option - it’s a bit toxic but if you limit it to 6-8 weeks and take liver protection you should be fine, especially if you take EQ with it which will counter act the drying effect on your joints to an extent. Winny - 50mg a day either oral or injectable will give you a nice increase in strength and hardness and depending on your diet may help with leanness.

I think i understand now.
so- when i want grow do gh IM, when i want lose fat(precontest) gh IM(prework and before sleep in night) and SQ in the morning before cardio on empthy stomach, when i am in off AAS do gh SQ in the morning …right now? ??

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I tried to order Plazma online at Biotest, they send in my country but the laws in my country are more complicated and I do not think it will be possible. Can you suggest something else? Vitargo or?

Thank u so much again!

Ok Shadow, so lets say then that Test e. /eq / primo would be a nice combo. But about the increase of the hematrocrit levels with EQ, what does this suppose? I mean, if I don’t do the blood donation after the cycle what could happen? Would this also happen with a EQ dose of 400mg per week?

I have heard that aspirin would be needed with EQ, but never heard before about the blood donation. Is aspirin a real alternative to help with hematocrit levels?