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Shade Balls

Thoughts? Will it work?

[quote]xXSeraphimXx wrote:
Thoughts? Will it work?


I just did some math off the top of my head:

96 million balls @ .36 = ~3.5 million

saves enough water for about 8000 people / year

3.5 million / 8000 people / year = $~4300 per person per year for water.

…I’m not taking it as a sign of health.

Wonder why they are black? I’m no expert on “shade balls” but it would seem to me that a light color or even chrome balls would reflect the heat and lessen evaporation more than a dark color. Also the name “shade balls” is awesome. Even if it doesn’t work, it’s still a success because of the name alone.

Something about charcoal black offering the most shade, i.e. cutting UV rays the most. The conservation is just an added benefit: they are designed not to block evaporative heat but literally to provide shade so as to minimize sunlight’s acceleration of toxic chemical reactions in the water.

Everybody goes nuts for that cistern in Istanbul( What ever happened to Constantinople?). That thing is like 1,500 years old.

You think anyone is going to be talking about Shade Balls in 3500 a.d.?

The greatest nation ever should design another one of the greatest public works ever. Hoover dam is cool, but surely we can do better today.

Evil petroleum based products.

Colossal failure.

The shade balls will allegedly prevent 300 million gallons of water from evaporation, but this is too small an amount to make a difference. For example, the greedy almond farmers use 1 Trillion gallons of water alone. So this savings represents 0.03% of water.

Just read that the black shade balls are going to promote slime and bacteria. They didn’t think about that until after they dumped 96 bazillion of them into the resivoir.