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SGT Rock Deadlift + Help

Hey everyone, I’ve neglected the deadlift IMMENSELY lol. I’ve probably only deadlifted about 15 times in my life. In those times I tried mostly sumo…did 430 easy. The other day I did 405 for 2 sets of singles, but conventional. Pretty much I’m going to work on form But i need some help. Any deadlift strength I have is from squatting and assistance. Anyways…I saw Sgt. Rocks SLDL program. Consisits of workin toa 5 rep max with 70% of your best pull on a 3inch block in the final week. It consits of Stiff leg deadlifts (SLDL), bent over rows, front chins, front lat pulls, DB shrugs, Hyperextensions, and abs. I’ve heard it has worked well for many. Plus SGT. rock is quite the deadlifter himself. My only question/concern is…do i deadlift BEFORE doing the SLDL and all the other work. Or no deadlifting…it doesnt say any…but I’m wondering if I should do 2x5 heavy, then do the other work. Thanks a lot!

I would ask him if I were you. He posts over at the Monster Muscle board.


Good luck!

I’d like to ask but it says I can’t even register lol. I’ve tried man, and I’d really like this question to be answered cause I know my deadlift will skyrocket if I start training it, cause I’ve pretty much never trained it and yeah. I can hit some good #'s, just need that Q answered.

I’m not trying to be insulting but what your stating is sending up red flags from my experienced perspective.

If you’ve only deadlifted a few times in your life and then just last week you did 430 admitting you had some “assistance.” you have just painted a very
?Dieselweasel? like picture of form in my mind. My advice is slow down, you?re only 16. Master the movement before you progress to heavier weight. Be conservative not only in regards to weight but also in what you say at least until you’ve proven yourself and you’ll save yourself some face in the long run. That?s not always the best advice but it is most of the time.

I’m just trying to pass some things on. Good luck.

Alright well. I’m 17 now. 2nd my form is NOTHING near Diesel wisel whatever man. Just trust me on this one. If you’d like I will give you a video link to my 430 raw squat. I know it seems weird because I’ve only deadlifted very minimal and am pulling that already and blah blah blah, but your going to have to trust me on this one.

Anyways I’m doing this deadlift thang cause I want to go compete in the 198 class, but I have to gain some weight before that, but either way yeah. I know I can do a 460 sumo already cause 430 was easy. Anyways I got a registration at muscleforum. All is well.

oh and bonzi by “assitsnace” I mean…the deadlift strength I’ve gotten is from SQUATS and ASSISTANCE…as in assitsnace work for the lower body. lol, so yeah, just cleared that up.