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SGHP vs Clean High Pull


I wanted to inquire as to why you advocate for the SGHP vs the Clean Grip version? Shoulder health? Different muscles worked? I think at least one benefit of the Clean High Pull would be that you could load it heavier. Hoping to hear your thoughts on this.


Personally I can high pull more weight with a snatch-grip than with a clean grip.

In a clean grip HIGH pull the pulling range of motion is a bit longer and shoulder mobility makes it harder to pull it as high.

Just because you can clean more weight than you can snatch doesn’t mean that you can high pull more weight with a clean grip! You can clean more weight than you can snatch because in a clean you need to bring the bar only to the clavicle whereas in the snatch you need to bring it to overhead.

Furthermore, in the clean-grip HIGH pull you are more likely to pull with the arms, which increases the risk of injury (that’s how I tore my left biceps when I was still competing in weightlifting).

Thanks for the input! I may start in-cooperating both until I can improve my form on SGHP; right now I find it much easier to keep my elbows above my wrists using the clean grip as opposed to snatch grip . . maybe it’s a shoulder mobility thing?