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SGHP Technique Check

This is in response to CT in a conversation we had in the livespill for his most recent article.

If anyone out there could help critique my form and let me know what I need to work on, please reply! Thanks!

EDIT: This was 115lbs.

The first rep isn’t that great but it gets better. I do not totally dislike the later reps. The bar is a bit far from your body (it should almost graze your abdomen when going up) and you are bending your torso forward too much in the end (which likely is due to the bar being too far forward). But overall better than I expected.

The first rep is iffy because you are not bending the knees at all so you can only use the lower back and hips to get the bar up. The other reps you have a proper knee bend/hip hinge combination.

Your grip is too narrow. When starting (fully standing up before lowering the bar) the bar should be at hip bone.

Alright thanks. To continue with my question in the livespill, would you recommend that I take this out of the Built for Bad circuit? I’m already a week in, and if you think my form is good enough (especially if I work on the points that you gave me), I’d prefer to just keep it in a just focus on doing my best on every rep.

If I need to work on form and take this movement out of the circuit, what would you recommend replacing it with? I currently am doing:
A1. Trap-Bar Deadlift
A2. Slight Decline Bench Press with a pause at the bottom
A3. Snatch-Grip High Pull
A4. Power Clean once to a Push Press with a pause at the top (for building confidence at that lockout)
A5. Strict Weighted Pronated Pull Up

Thanks, coach!