SGHP Layer Question

Hello CT,

I’ve been implementing layers for the SGHP for several weeks now, but I find that as I ramp, my form slips. Either I lose momentum in the hips, or I begin pulling too early with the arms. In keeping with the layered system, should I continue what I’ve been doing, or dismiss the ramp in favor of more technique training?

Unless I ramp to a max that I can do with good technique. I stick to ramping to a 3RM, so should stop the ramp once my form slips up? I can still get the bar to at least lower chest level on my slip-ups, but it just doesn’t feel like an optimal.

I do the SGHP layer twice in my split, coming to about twice a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s what I did:

When I was a SGHP newbie (not sure if you are), I spent three weeks (six sessions) working on being explosive and working on technique. CT has said before that most trainees just aren’t explosive, and techniques like ramping and density are no good when you don’t have a movement locked down. So simply working technique, avoiding “working out,” and getting lots of quality reps helps in the beginning… AND you will still get a training effect simply from you body adjusting to a new movement and learning to be explosive.

That said, you should always stop adding weight when you feel your form start to break. You said you can get the bar to your chest but it doesn’t feel optimal. The “doesn’t feel optimal” is your cue to shut down the ramp. This is especially true with density sets. It is more enticing to loosen one’s form in order to set a density PR. If you encounter this scenario, it is best to ditch the PR attempt and either: do fewer reps per set, rest longer between sets, or lower the weight. Change your density goal for that session into a “hitting-my-target-volume-with-optimal-form” goal. Remember bad technique breeds bad technique; optimal technique is a prerequisite for an optimal training session.

Gotcha–that’s something that’s been in the back of my mind, but the immediate reaction is to keep going sometimes. I’ll keep this in mind, and really focus on form (which has been getting a bit better). Thank you.

EDIT: Also, for these technique-setting workouts, would I still need to follow my regular peri-workout nutrition protocol, or will it not be needed. Probably a silly question, but I don’t want to “waste” any of my stuff!