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SGHP Grip Question


I'm sure you covered this before, but what are your thoughts on using straps with SGHPs? I do 2 lighter sets w/o straps at maybe 70% for 8 reps, then put straps on for 90% or so in the 3 rep range for 5 sets. I also do these after back, so my grip is fatigued.

And I use a thumbless grip, is this recommended? I also will vary this when I want to go lighter in the 5-6 rep range I do high pulls wide with dumbells with a regular grip. Can you give me your take on DBs as an occasional substitute?



I don't know many olympic lifters who don't use straps for high pulls. So yeah, use the straps. I personally do both straps and no straps because my grip is my limiting factor when I snatch, and if I plan on competing again in olympic lifting I need to get used to pulling heavy weights in the snatch without straps. But if I were only interested in maximizing strength and size, I'd use straps all the time for high pull.

When I don't use straps I use a hook grip.