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SGHP from Hang - Form Check


First time trying the Snatch Grip Hill Pull

A few mistakes in filming:
1. I couldn't get the camera back further to get the full extension
2. Only recorded sideview

If I need to get the camera back further and re-record and get a front view as well let me know.

I would gladly appreciate any technique pointers.


I do not hate the look of it. Pretty good really. Sometimes your body seems a bid wobbly, but the movement pattern is good. The lowering of the bar is the less efficient part. I would suggest catching it on your thighs with bent knees instead of letting it drop and having the lower back take the shock.


i'm no expert but here is my opinion based on experience and advice from others..

1) i can't really tell, but your grip looked a little too narrow. a snatch grip should the distance between your fingers and your opposite shoulder if you had 1 arm stretched out to the side.. basically shoulder width + arm length.

2) a good point is that your shoulders are over the bar which puts you in a good pulling position

3) i personally think you're not sitting back enough. try an focus on pushing the hips back, rather than dropping your lower body -your technique looks like the beginning of a SLDL.

4) a second good point is that you look pretty solid from a triple extension point of view. however this could be due to the light weight you use -i dont mean light as in you arent lifitng much, i mean that the weight looks light relative to YOU. if you can nail the same triple extension in heavier weights, you'll be off to a good start!

5) your wrists are going higher than your elbows.. thats not good! it means you arent fully contracting your shoulders/traps -i said before that this weight is relatively light for you, so you don't NEED to contract shoulders/traps to lift it, but you should still always focus on shoulder/trap activation -as you get heavier weights you will have no choice but to use them haha.


Thanks for the speedy feedback.

I will work on tightening up so I am not so wobbly.

It was fairly light so I guess I wasn't thinking about the impact on my lower back.

Any video examples of catching on the thighs? I ask because it seems you'd almost have to pull the bar back in towards you on the descent to use the thighs to catch. Is that what I should be doing?



Did you see this thread?


I'm not sure exactly how they do it, but there's several examples in the video CT attached.


Take a look right around 2 minutes in.


1) Bad video angle to see the width, but I will keep that in mind

2) Thanks

3) OK, I also got that comment on YouTube, I can see that as well.

4) Thanks, since this was a form check, I kept it fairly light. Since I am getting some good feedback, I can now compare this video with my form on heavier weights.

5) Makes sense, thanks for checking in!


Thanks, good thing I am not strong enough to really move weight, that would start to hurt the thighs, lol.


Did 120 for 10 sets of 3 over the weekend.

I really enjoyed it, the trap pump was ridiculous, never experienced that before.

Plus the next day I had a nice hamstring soreness from the transition from the hang position.

Thanks for everyone's help and feedback!


Perfect, that hamstring soreness is one of the indications that you are doing it right.


amen to that.



Gotta love the help I get on T-Nation.