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SGHP Form Check


Could I get you to critique my form please? This is my top weight from yesterday.


Looks good, although you perform more of a chinese high pull (which I prefer too) you do reach full extension which is visible at 0:49, your hips have gone through and the chest is up with the bar close to the body, so nice job.

You seem to go up a tad late on your toes... at the point of full extension (0:49 seconds) you are pretty much flat footed, then go on your toes as you are starting to go down under (bending the legs to go back down). Just a very slight mistiming issue that is minor at best. Ideally the heels should leave the floor at the moment of full extension and immediately be slammed back down so that when you are starting to go back down, the heels are already back on the floor.


Thank you for the critique CT!

I will continue working on perfecting these. It feels good to know that I am on the right track.


CT, do you mind critiquing another video for me?

My question is, on the SGHP and the Power Snatch, are my shoulders too far back at the beginning of the movement?


I'm looking at the power position of the power snatch (about 0:12 seconds) the shoulders, bar and heels are pretty much on the same line, which is what you want in the power position.

HOWEVER you are making one slight technical mistake to reach that alignement: your hips are too far forward and you are leaning back to compensate (which is why you might have the impression that the shoulders are too much behind the bar). Just before you launch the bar upwars you want the shoulders, bar and heels to be aligned but with the torso perpendicular to the floor, not leaning back. At the moment of explosion as you jump up you throw the chest to the ceiling which will have you lean back a bit, but don't do it too early.

One more thing, when you lower the bar to the hang position, you are doing it by bending at the knees. You want to START in the power position (which means shoulders, bar and heels aligned) with the knees bent slightly. From there you lower the bar to the hang by hinging at the hips: the knee angle doesn't change. As You start the lift up, the legs will move under the bar, bringing you back to the power position where explosion occurs.

But honestly, this is pretty much the best lifting i've seen you do.


This was very helpful prior to my first day doing SGHP.

The exercise seems to drain you pretty quickly compared to other lifts; alot of power gets invested into each rep.

Without doubt a favourite of mine from now on !


People underestimate the impact of high pulls. You are totally correct that explosive, high power output are a lot more demanding than regular lifts. This is even more true when you are focusing hard on mastering a complex technique.

Simply put:

  • The more speed you generate, the harder the nervous system works
  • The more force you produce,the harder the nervous system works
  • The more muscle mass has to come into play the harder the nervous system works
  • The more complex the movement is the harder the nervous system works

The snatch-grip high pull scores pretty high on all 4, making it a movement that is very demanding the nervous system. I can also be somewhat deceiving because it actually amps you up because of its neural activation. So it can actually mask neural fatigue and it can be easy to do too much. So it's better to start on the conservative side of things when it comes to volume.


Ye probably why I have a headache !

On a better note, this program I well and truly love. When I leave the gym clothing area to walk into the gym; I get apprehensive about how well the lifts will go. And I'm already developing a love/hate relationship with clusters !

I refused (embarrassed) to take starting pictures for that log - as well no one should see them; however for the first time since my stop start affair with the gym - I "know" I'm making progress.

In 3 months, I cannot wait to see where I stand - usually I get excited about something for a week then quit ! Day 5 of the program tomorrow :slightly_smiling:

Anyways end my rambling - thanks Christian for the program.


Actually the headache is from a tight levator scapulae (muscle under the traps) that tends to easily get inflammed when you do a lot of explosive pulls and are not used to them. When it happens to me the pain is so intense on the side of my head (inflamation compressing a nerve) I actually have to put voltaren cream on the side of my head!


Nah, I'm not that bad yet thankfully.

Just booked a massage for tomorrow during lunch time, as I'm literally a walking mass of pain. Thankfully Day 5-10 don't seem (and I'm hoping) as intense as the first 4 days.

My version of your layer is here; http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/reactive_pump_training/voluminouss_reactive_pump_training

Excuse the er expletives; I just type my numbers into an open email at the end of every set and paste into the log. Ensures I don't lose it.


hey CT,
is there a way to avoid this headache? I've been getting them too when doing high pulls. maybe laying on a lacrosse ball? not sure if that would help or make it worse .....