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SGHP Before Deadlifts?


Hey folks, I have a quick question on exercise order in my 5/3/1 programme. Basically, I do the powercleans before squats. What I'm trying to figure out is should I do the SGHPs before deadlifts as well, and for the same reasons? Or save them for after my deads. Thanks!

Military Press (5/3/1)
Klokov Press (5 x 10)
Chin/Pull/Whatever ups (9 smaller sets sets) --done in between the MP sets and the klokov presses

Deadlift (5/3/1)
SGHP (3 x 6) --Should these come before the deads?
Curls (5 x 10) (Hey, gotta keep the gunz)


Bench (5/3/1)
DB Incline Bench (5 x 10)
DB Row (5 x 10) --supersetted with the DB incline bench

Power Cleans (3 x 6)
Squat (5/3/1)
Skull Crushers (5 x 10)




What's SGHP?

Why you do scull crushers after squats? Put the arm work to upper body days.

I would personally do more ab work + posterior chain and more squatting. But I don't know your goals and situation.


Snatch Grip High Pull. CT talks about them a lot.


Before is probably best, but I've done both before and after and haven't noticed a difference.


If you knew WHY you did the power cleans before your squat, you'd know the answer to your question. I've written it dozens of not hundreds of times.

How do you know when a rep is done on a high pull? I'm curious to know this. Why don't you just do a power snatch? Do you have bad shoulders? Don't like full range movements?


I have been doing SGHP before Deads, just wanted to get feedback from folks (like you) with more experience as to whether or not there was a reason I shouldn't (ie something that I'm not aware of). I'm new to 5/3/1.

For me, with the SGHP, I stop as soon as my form gets sloppy. I can just start to feel that while the bar may have gone up, it wasn't "crisp" for lack of a better word. I say 3 x 6 in my programme above, but really I mean when I get to 3 x 6 I then increment weight. Most of the time I'm in the 4 or 5 range.

I used to have some shoulder issues from too many chins. I have since recovered. My chins are mostly neutral grip, though I do vary it some times. I just try to be gentle with them as I don't want any recurring issues. I read about SGHP from an article by Christian Thibaudeau and thought I'd try them (this was a while ago). I really enjoy doing them. That is the only reason I do them.



Cut out the chins if they give you problems - do rows instead. No movement, especially an assisant movement, is worth getting injured over.

Personally, I'd rather have you do power cleans and hang cleans instead of a high pull. But if you like em, do em.


The neutral grip chins don't seem to aggravate me at all. It is the traditional pullups (and to a lesser degree the chin ups) that bother my shoulders.

Yeah, I'm doing power cleans and I like them. I may switch out SGHPs next cycle for hang cleans and give those a shot.

Many thanks!