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SGHP and Hamstrings


I'm planning new routine, minimalistic, where I'll incorporate SGHP, which is new exercise to me.

Is it sufficient for hamstring hypertrophy in workout like this:

1.back squat (low bar)
3.ring push-ups
4.Super set: neutral grip pull up + wide grip standing overhead press from the top of the head

Is it better to put the SGHP with hypertrophy rep numbers before squat?


1) The low back back squat is more of a hamstrings, hips, lower back movement. If anything it is the quads that will not be fully stimulated with this program.

2) It will take you some time to be good enough at the high pull to be able to use it to build muscle and strength. The best option would be to practice it at every workout with moderate loads. And then use it as a training exercise when your technique is good enough to be able to load enough with solid technique to reap the benefits of the movement.

  1. I'm pretty hip dominant and quads has been always the weakest link in my low bar squat. They grow from this movement well, so I think it will work. There's no deadlift too, so more hamstrings and low back in squat is desirable. I think my low bar squat mechanic is like trap bar deadlift from podium.

  2. I'll comply to that.

Thank You.


Speaking of minimalistic programs ...

CT, I know you usually do not comment on other coaches' programs. But if you don't mind me asking: what is your opinion on Pavel's Power to the People routine which has people do only conventional deadlifts and an upper body pushing exercise five times a week?

Thank you.


I don't hate it. Right now I'm only doing two strength exercises (push press and back squat) and I'm doing them 4x per week. I also have olympic lift days (olympic lift and complexes) twice a week.


Thank you for your reply, CT.

Glad to hear you can squat again at high frequency. Hope your knee doesn't hurt these days.
Do you still use the Dead-Squat bar or are the Olympic lifts (with a straight bar, obviously) higher on your lifts of priority at this point in time?


CT: How are you currently programming the push presses and back squats? Are you incorporating the Continuous Clean and Press (Clean-Grip Muscle Snatch) movement or are you simply performing the push press from a power/hang clean, blocks, and/or lift-off from a rack/pins/stands?

Looking forward to seeing how you progress in the O-Lifts. Respects.