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SGDL in "Look Like a Bodybuilder" Done Like a Squat?

Hello Coach, I’m planning on doing this program and I’ve seen a recent video of Clarence Kennedy (weightlifter) doing this lift, should I do it like him? Meaning: with weightlifting shoes, starting with hips below parallel, keeping the same torso angle? In short, doing it more like a squat?

Also he wasn’t finishing the reps, stoping mid-thighs, why would that be?

Thank you


A snatch deadlift is NOT a powerlifting deadlift done with a wide grip. The wide grip is to allow you to start with the hips low while still being in a strong mechanical position (shoulders directly or slightly in front of the bar).

If you do them with high hips you are wasting the exercise.

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CT have you any different thoughts on the Look Like a bodybuilder/train like an athlete? I know version 2 template (that’s live on the website) is different than the first one (which was HPMAss).

And this current one is kind of like the strength circuit you have on thib army. Which do you recommend? Are they all suitable as a long term training style?

I know you seem to like higher reps now so maybe include 1 or 2 DB/machine isolation exercises for bodypart at the end of look like/train like workouts?

Thank you

**Just to clarify - good in terms of “jacked”/aesthetics. I’m wondering about the “look like a bodybuilder” part since you described strength skill as more an atheltic/mma look (not bodyuilbder) and these two styles are so similar…Plus your recent posts that are much higher reps/intensity. I just really like this “look like/trainlike” style but focusing on mass/hypertrophy atm…

Thank you CT! I tried it today and indeed I could lift way less weight, but I really felt it in my quads and “core”