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Sftwrngnr's Training Log

Geesh! I take a couple of days off for vacation, don’t pay attention to my diet and gain 11 lbs in 3 days. WTF? I’ll answer about bench throws separately.

ME Legs
Band assisted squats
Partial squats
Romanian Deadlifts
Good mornings

Yesterday’s workout was decidedly uninspiring. I did get squats to 405, but I’m sure my depth wasn’t there, so I’m going to work on bottoming out on every single rep, even if it means I use less weight.

So… bench throws, as I call them. Not sure what they’re really called. Basically a low weight bench with a focus on getting enough velocity so that you can release the bar at the top, it goes up a little, and you catch it. I’d suggest doing them on a smith machine if you do them at all. I do them for dynamic effort chest day, where I’m focusing on explosive strength. Not sure if they’re any good. Feedback is welcome.

Weight: 270.2 (Still shakin’ my head as to how that happened)
Goal weight: 220

Beach Muscle
Ez-curl Curls
Hammer Curls
Tricep presses

Russian twists
Decline crunches
Kneeling weighted crunches

I replied below [OK… above. This board didn’t thread the way I wanted it to]. Not sure what they’re really called, but that’s what I call them.

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You were throwing a 135lb barbell while laying precariously underneath it :no_mouth:

It actually does sound decent with the Smith Machine though! All I really use a smith for is fatman chin-ups and an Incline plyo push-up. I do the Push-ups to… Idk… ‘Wake up’ the pecs.

Sounds a bit hazardous to me, I’d prefer just speed bench on your dynamic effort day for safety reasons

Are you still around?

Yes. Damned day job, which ends up taking a good chunk of my evening as well.
Tonight: Dynamic effort legs

I’d say it would lol

What is your profession?

I’m a geek – software engineer :).

Finally back to the gym. ME legs. Deadlifts, goal 495. 5,5,3,3,3,1,1,1 progression.
455 came up easily. 495 giggled at me.

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