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Sftwrngnr - Restarting Powerlifting at 51


Hi all,
I used to powerlift… then “life” happened. I know, lame excuse. At any rate, I’ve started going back to the gym, and decided that perhaps I need to get serious about going to the gym, but more importantly, perhaps there still is an actual powerlifter underneath the tub of gelatinous goo that 30 years at a desk job can result in. I’m planning on a modified west side routine.

In looking at what’s available in terms of meets, it appears that there is a USAPL meet in August, and a NASA meet in October. I’m thinkin’ that the August meet may be good just to get back into the swing of things in terms of an actual meet.

Anyone in Az going to either of these meets? My official log will start Monday, with ME squats and deads.