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SFR Hemaguno, Oxyguno and Furaguno Stack 8 week Log



I have had so many problems finding out a straight answer on these supplements. So, for everyone else, I am going to do a 8 week cycle, first Hemaguno and Furaguno ramped up and bridged into Oxyguno and a full 200mg dose of Furaguno.


week 1: 3 Fura & 2 Hema ED
week 2: 4 Fura & 3 Hema ED
week 3: 5 Fura & 4 Hema ED
week 4: 6 Fura , 3 Hema & 3 Oxy
week 5: 6 Fura & 4 Oxy
week 6: 6 Fura & 5 Oxy
week 7: 6 Fura & 6 Oxy
week 8: 4 Fura & 4 Oxy

I will also be taking Nolvadex and Letrozole (Femara) towards the end. I'll give those dosages when the time comes.


ISS Whey Protein
Amino 2222
EFA (6000mg)
CTD Liver Armor

I'll make a note if I forgot something here, add or take away anything.


I am 29 years old, almost 30. I was a fat little shit as a child, bad genes and an emotional eater. I began changing that for myself in Jr. High. I started riding my bike everywhere, a little further each time.

In high school I had a lake that was 8.5 miles from my house that I would ride to every morning before school, one time I walked it and about died. Anyway, after high school started learning about and taking AAS, mostly Dianabol and Winstrol, mostly because I seemed to be able to mix them with just about anything else I wanted to do, like Anavar.

I saw huge gains on Deca/Dbol, huge losses on Sus/Win but all in all, I really only gained a little weight, lost most of my gains every time and got these damn bitch tits that I've had ever since. I was basically always cut, which I liked, having been a fat kid, but at 6' and a two foot wide frame, I should weigh more than 185, I looked retarted.

So while I was in college I learned about Andro, Started taking Norandro, GHB (Reviverant) at night, and for the first time a PCT, clomid, I think. I gained 15 pounds solid that first stack. I did this 3 more times between 2000 and 2001. I was 245 lean in August of 2001, I was very pleased. Then all of this happened: Got married, Had kids, More stressful job, anxiety attack, Head Trauma, etc, etc, etc. I saw losses in muscle and increase in fat.

I stopped going to the gym, but kept excersising at home. I felt worse after I worked out and could noticeably feel myself getting weaker with every workout. Then all that changed again. After the Anxiety attack I was on regular doctor visits after a full work-up twice over, I was diagnosed with Central Sleep Apnea. When I slept, I wasn't actually sleeping.

I was losing muscle with each workout, I would've done better to just kick back take dbol and eat forever. But anyway, things have changed alot the last few months. In april, I was put on a CPAP machine. I was 308lbs at the doctor appointment in April, before I got the CPAP machine. I then went down to 274lbs and since hitting the gym I am now back up to 284lbs, but this time it is muscle, my waistline is still getting smaller and I'm gaining weight, it's a beautiful thing when you see results after such a long down time.

If you snore or wake up not breathing, get a sleep study done, most insurance covers it and I cannot tell you all of the other ways it has changed my life.


It is 8-9-09, I am on my third day taking 3 Furaguno and 2 Hemaguno. Today is an off day, I have been going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday, so I will continue to do through the cycle. My supplements and calorie intake as well as protein/carb/fat Ratio will remain the same.

The only thing I can note so far is that I am horny as hell and that my neck has been hurting when I get up last tow mornings. Only lasts about a half hour, maybe sleeping in a bad position.

This mornings weight is 285lbs.


First off, this post post belongs in the "Steroid" forum. For those of you reading who have never heard of these products, they are all japanese pro-hormones.

SFR Hemaguno is an anti-estrogen while Furaguno is a designer steroid similar to furazabol (anyone remember Ben Johnson). The main difference being that furazabol has a methyl group attached to the seventeenth carbon atom, while Furaguno has an ether group in that position. Oxyguno is a bit more complex. The active ingredient is listed as 11-oxo-methylclostebol, which is very similar to the infamous Substanz XII used by the East Germans in the 80's.

Supposedly it has only about 7% of the androgenic effects of testosterone and something like 800% of the anabolic effects. These drugs were fairly popular in the 80's but as far as I know have faded into obscurity only to be revived in a cheap knockoff pro-hormone form.

Look man, I am really not trying to be a dick but before you need to put on any more weight you need to drop about 50 lbs of fat. You really don't seem to know much about steroids (I am pretty sure all 3 of these are 17aa and very toxic to the liver) and really have no business being on them. Go check out some of John Berardi's or Lonnie Lowrey's articles on nutrition and drop the fat. Then, read up on steroids (Bill Roberts and Cy Wilson) And check out the steroid forum. But as for advice on a better alternative: Testosterone enanthate and Trenbolone w/ Adex. (keep Nolvadex on hand in case of gyno).


Hemaguno and Oxyguno are both 17a Methylated, Thats why I am going to drop one for the other. Feraguno is non-methylated and can be run safely with the other two. I will only be taking both for one week at a reduced dose. As far as losing weight, you are absolutely right, that is what I am doing. I am in no way saying you are wrong or defending anything I am doing. I'm trying very hard to get back into shape and I have a full schedule between kids and work, I am just looking for something to help since I cannot do everything perfectly as I could when I was a teenager. I do not think you read my entire post, which is fine, but I have plenty of Nolvadex and Femara on hand for this stack as well as Arimidex and Clomid, just not as much, that's why I was going with the former. Thanks for pointing me towards the post about weight loss, I'll check them out. Also, I have an awesome doctor and have already received four liver panel orders, I just have to take them in and I'll get the results in a couple days, I do not drink, take drugs or smoke.


You're right I didn't read that part. But still, pro-hormones are notorious for being understudied and having loads of side effects while not being very effective for muscle gains. Stick to actual AAS if you want to use anything. As far as actual articles on nutrition, check these out:





Nothing wrong with defending what you are doing - i never understood it when people said that to me - i always felt like shaking them and saying "WHY THE FUCK WOULDN'T YOU??!"

The point is, there is nothing wrong with defending what you do if you believe in it. Not one thing. It is a sign of strength of character IMO. Strong morals etc.

I do think you could have dropped fat without using those 'supplements' however - at least to 15% or so.

No matter - you started now. Isn't there a place for logs? A place far away from here? Am in the wrong place?



First workout after beginning stack.

I did the exact same workout as last Monday, same weight, reps, sets and tempo.

Tempo: 6-2-7

Lat Pull Down: 120x10/10/10/10/8/8
Dumbell Shoulder Raise: 100x10/10/10/10/10/10
Standing Curl Straight Bar Close Grip: 100x10/10/10/10/10/10
Machine Flys: 120x10/10/10/10/10/8/8

The only thing I noticed different is that I was in better control of the weight instead of the weight being in control of me (if that makes any sense) and that my pumps were strong, constant and solid. This morning was the first time I could see my anterior deltoid in a long time. I feel I could have fairly easily put up more weight, but I want to ease into this, the last thing I need is an injury.

Weight: 282lbs


Anyone know if that "Jake" thread is still around, the program World had him on did wonders before he id a "Jake" on it.

If the damn search engine here wasn't so bad one might be able to find it.

And OP, this is NOT the training logs section...... questions are good, saying thanks to the good people who answers questions is better, posting your proposed cycles are good................

Adding your training log into it is NOT so good :slight_smile:

Just make one and link it here :slight_smile:


I wasn't so much trying to make a workout log as much as just a reference to these "supplements" because I personally had so much trouble finding any actual info on them. Would it be out of line for me to just not add my workouts and only talk about what I notice due strictly to the steroids? I am new on here and I absolutely do not want to do things in an inappropriate manor. Is there a way for me to delete this and start somewhere else, or just move this? I doubt there is. I will not post here anymore until I get some insight. I apologize for the misplacement.


"Would it be out of line for me to just not add my workouts and only talk about what I notice due strictly to the steroids"

I believe that is a log! LMAO!

I personally think that you are in Dire need of a higher androgen level - you are far too apologetic! :wink: However politeness goes down well with most, me included - so good for you, keep that up :slightly_smiling:

If you ask the mods to move the thread they will - i am sure there is a log's section, i am not positive because i don't enjoy them and as such don't read them. But they disappeared from here so i assumed as much..

Anyway - i haven't a clue what those supps are - prohormones i suppose.. But if or when you do feel ready to use AAS then this is the forum you would read. Till then i am not sure what there is we have to offer that you can't get at the Beginners section or Bodybuilding (which IMO are one and the same these days).

Of course there is nothing stopping you from reading what we have to offer - just to enlighten yourself.

Actually i first started posting here not so much to talk about steroids per se (although clearly it is necessary), but as the trainees in the Bodybuilding section were getting increasingly less advanced and increasingly more 'functional' (not that function is bad per se but i digress) for my tastes.
The guys here who were regulars tended to take things very seriously, hence the application of AAS to their training - and as such they were a bit more serious about their training and their mentality/dedication in many ways.

It has changed now - but the point is, if you want very good training advice from guys who have been training for years - then you will find alot of guys in this forum able to help.

Of course it really needs to be on topic the majority of the time... :wink: