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SF Reem vs. Werdum


Reem will be back in the cage next weekend, what are your thoughts on the fight?

Personally I think Reem will steamroll Werdum. I don't believe for a moment that Werdum is going to get this fight to the ground (unless he brings another brilliant butt scoot plan to the table and Reem actually falls for it) and standing up I believe Reem is the top of the division and few people even come close. If Werdum somehow manages to make it a grappling match Alistair should at least be able to hang in there with his jits and freakish strength. Reem takes it by Uberknee KO in the 1st.

Barnett - Rogers is the other HW tournament match on the card, looking forward to see how Barnett will do against a guy who isn't miles away from top 10, for a change. I'm calling Barnett via G'n'P TKO or sub somewhere in the 2nd.


i was going to type steamroll but you were faster!


I feel exactly the same way about both fights. Werdum isn't a killer. His standup is far from top level. He needs to get this down, but he has neither the takedown ability or physical attributes to get it there. I suspect the only time we see this hit the floor is when Fabricio gets hurt.

On the flipside, the guy's BJJ is top notch, and not in a small way. Reem has gotten caught before from the guard (last fight ended via kimura), and knows he can't play with Werdum on the mat. Of course, that was a few years ago, and neither are the same fighter, especially Alistair.

Barnett takes Rogers. But I suspect it won't be a destruction. Too much ring rust, too little ring/cage-time with top level opponents in the last few years. I think it'll end in the 3rd via kimura from NS. I think Josh will outsrike Rogers leading up to that.


I think Rogers pulls out an upset by KO.
And like Sokoudju said The Reem will just rape them all.


Interesting take on Overeem:


I actually agree with some of this. If Fedor, JDS or Cain, for example, fought Todd Duffee on short notice in their last fight, they would be called can-crushers. His last four fights include Duffee, a 38 year old Fujita, Rogers and James Thompson. Not exactly top tier competition.

I do think Overeem COULD be champ in the UFC one day. However, people currently rate him on what they think he could be, not what he has actually done.


Hahaha i support all that hate for BJ and Belfort on the article, but... WAR UBERREEM!


Not exactly. He did very well in K1 the last couple of years. 1-1 with Badr, beat Spong and Saki (via armbreak, but still), Aerts, along with very decent guys like Texeira.

Rogers was also on a bit of a run at the time.

In the end, like you said, people rate him highly because the potential is obvious. Big guy, strong as fuck, improved defensive wrestling, awesome striking, improved chin, and very good ground game. Essentially a blown up Light-Heavy fighting at Heavy with the body to match the weight class. It's an interesting experiment.


good article.

not sure who benefits more...Overeem will avenge that loss, or Werdum will crush his legend, like he did to Fedor.

Rogers and Barnett is interesting....Rogers doesn't have a lot of technique, but is really athletic for a big guy, and Barnett hasn't been fighting that many top guys....if he loses to Rogers, than i'd say he's over-rated.


jb's beaten some top comp, not recently though


I say Barentt is the one to beat Overeem. He has the chin, heart, and skills to get it done.


I don't remember Barnett's chin being tested, although he got beatup by Crocop like what 3 times?, even being dropped by bodyshots.


Barnett's chin got tested against Pedro Rizzo back in '01 if I remember correctly. Knocked him out. That's why Barnett was so eager to avenge that loss and he KO'ed Pedro in the rematch


Pedro Rizzo should retire =( i saw a new video of his sparring and he was getting slaughtered, he shouldn't be beat down like that anymore.


Well, guess we can put the hype to rest :D. I agree with 30-27, but... barely. Werdum was landing shots at will. Overeem, it would appear has his handful with Bigfoot. Clearly gassed too.

Barnett on the other hand, looked amazing. Awesome performance, though it was obvious Rogers has some ways to go with his ground game. Those takedowns were skillfully executed.

Also, fuck Mauro Renallo. He is a bad broadcaster and a disrespects fighters constantly. Gus Johnson also needs to go. Get the Voice and Bas in there!


As for the other fights:

-Masvidal worked that ass. Holy fuck I'm impressed. Great jab, head movement, and ability to mix things up. I'll have to confess, I've never seen him fight till now, and am shamed that I missed his development.

-Monson looked old. He's up there in age alright, and just couldn't keep up physically.

-Othereem looked like shit, just worse than his brother. Fuck the announcers for questioning his 'heart'. The only guy on that board fit to utter that word was Shamrock, because he actually fought.

-Huen looked great. Great sub battle.

-JZ looked really uncomfortable in there against Wilcox. Almost surprised at his striking ability. He was picking up steam before the eyepoke (or self-poke, lol). Shame it ended in a no decision, but hey, shit happens.

Missed the rest of the prelims, it's early down here and I had a long night, lol.


I guess when you are fighting a legit heavyweight, and not say, oh, Tony Sylvester (who?) or Todd Duffee it's not easy to "steamroll." I loved how people kept saying now that Overeem moved to HW he doesn't gas anymore. He hasn't been out of the first round since Buentello in 2007! Before that, last time he fought a full fight was Belfort in 2006.

I don't know what the power shot numbers were, but Werdum actually outstruck him overall as well. I think if Werdum wouldn't have tweaked his knee and kept pushing the pace, he could have pulled that fight off. He kept trying to pull guard but I think he was winning the fight on the feet. He would just get himself into trouble by pressing too much and getting counter punched, instead of picking his spots to unload, such as when Overeem kept backpedaling and covering up. Werdum probably hurt himself in the judges' eyes because whenever he got hit, he would flop to the ground. I don't think any of those shots really hurt him. He did look in piss poor conditioning though.

I don't see him beating Bigfoot. Overeem was the tournament favorite heading in, mostly based off of his destruction of mma cans and the K-1 title. I'd take the field against him now if I was bettting.

One last thing, Prime Cro Cop and Fedor would have worn this guy's skin like Buffalo Bill.


And the Shertard boards are going crazy lol. I hope thousands of people didn't hurt themselves jumping off the "Ubereem" bandwagon. Tuck and roll, kids!


I think Werdum's constant "guard pulling" really took away Overeem's rhythm, but still his performance looked like shit. He won the fight but I do think he would've done better on feet if it went a bit longer standing at once. Still, its not too hard to see Velasquez beating him after that performance, I think he can handle Bigfoot though, we'll see what happens against Barnett.


@Alistair's fight
it's clear that Ubereem won that fight.
But with the flimsy, otherly subjective point system that is MMA scoring, that fight could have been anyone's.
How do you score excessive buttscooting?

While Werdum landed some strikes, they were far from "at will".
Ubereem is all about power punches and the effective punishment came all from him.
All the up-down-up-down as well as the TDstuffing and off-shrugging does cost a lot of energy, so it's obvious both weren't the freshest further in the fight. SO I wouldn't say they have bad cardio, their gas tank is probably average for heavyweights.

And while the fight was awful and meaningless, I'm just happy for the precedence, such a strategy shouldn't win fights at all- MMA has enough problems with lay and pray as it is.

Barnett looked completely in control as expected.


Good point. According to the compustat numbers, Werdum landed more strikes, but less power strikes. Rewatching the fight, he did seem to land a lot, but there was a reason Reem was walking through them. A combination of Fabricio not putting a whole lot of power, being sloppy, and Alistair covering up pretty well. Some of those knees looked hard though.