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SF East Bay Area T-Nationers


Any other T-Nationers in the San Francisco East Bay Area? I was at the gym today and saw someone with a nalgene bottle filled with a liquid that looked like ANACONDA. Sure there's other places to get that bottle..and other drinks of that color, just got me thinking that there could be some other T-Nationers in the Brentwood, Antioch, Oakley, Disco. Bay areas. If so, speak up guys.

Not interested in training partners or anything, just curious. Especially since I have been having trouble finding local people interested enough in lifting to participate in a charity lift-a-thon I am trying to put together.


AngryVader lives out there, he was a regular around here for several years, and was always willing to try the supps.


SF local here



I knew it!


Didn't DBCooper already start a thread for you SFans? Or is the East Bay tribe a different breed that need their own thread?


You guys could all meet up in the Castro district and reminisce about the Harvey Milk years.


Yep, we need our own thread, imo. The bay area is to big, and none of the parts are the same. Us here in the east bay are nothing like those SF people haha


its basically the difference between Oakland and San Francisco... um so yes a different tribe. :slight_smile:


Haha I'm talking past even Oakland. East of Mount Diablo. Out in the 'country'.


Yes but I just splainin' to the non locals!

And yeah you're out in BFE out there.


Haha yep, out in the sticks out here lol def not as bad as it used to be..hop on BART and be in the city in less than half an hour...and def not the country anymore..but I still consider us as our own tribe..especially those of us whose families have been farming here for five generations...but as much as I like to think of myself as country..when your town has eight starbucks all within a few miles...can't really say you're truly in the country lol


Five generations? Awesome. Me too. Fifth Generation Californian.


Yep, five on my dad's side, four on my mom's. When I was younger, it wasn't that uncommon. All the kids I grew up with had been here for multiple generations as well...then we had our little population boom..more than double our population in six years..now I don't meet anyone whose been here for more than five years. Haha I remember before the economy turned to shit and they were still building tons of houses, some guy was running for city council and talked about how we needed to stop the growth...turned out the guy has only been here for three years...not that time matters..the current city council members are all people who grew up here and who have heritage here...what do they do? Okay a multi-milion dollar new city hall and choose a park that's been there for over a hundred years as the building site...makes me kinda sad honestly..


The best part about this city hall....it's going to be empty...they've laid off the majority of city staff...all the offices are on a skeleton crew of one or two people...with two people being considered a lot of staff...fucking ridiculous


I'm from the Peninsula, obviously not the East Bay, but Bay Area none the less.

The Bay Area is by far one of the best places to live in the entire country. Period.


Does Pleasant Hill count as East Bay?


East Bay to me is Pleasanton, Dublin, Milpitas, Fremont, Hayward...I count Oakland and Berkeley separately.

I can't think of the last time I was up in Oak/Berk and it wasn't to go to Yoshi's or visit a friend at UCB.

And to whoever talks shit about Oakland, go take a look at Lake Meritt.


I knew you were from Peninsula or at least thought from SF, because I think you've mentioned it in the past.

You can gauge how "South Bay" it is where you are by the density of pho spots and Viet coffee houses (specifically, how late those coffee houses stay open).

I love and hate the Bay Area at the same time. I want to live abroad or at least in NY first, then abroad, but every time I go overseas or out of state and come back, I think: "Those poor fucks don't have what we have: food, weather, roads, proximity of snow/beach."


So true. I'd love to live abroad or in another city for little bit, but it's so hard so consider leaving the Bay Area, because it has the best of everything.



I don't know, its the freaking weather here. Everywhere else I go is just too hot, too cold, or too humid. EVERYWHERE ELSE.

I'm from San Luis Obispo though so even San Jose is too hot for me most Summers.



Pavement is one of the highlights of your location?