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SF Bay Area T-Cell Meeting

This is for anyone in and around the Bay Area, Silicon Valley or Northern California for that matter.

There are two events coming up that you will hopefully be able to attend.

First, Mike Mahler will be in San Jose on Saturday, March 15th (11-3pm) for his second kettlebell workshop in the area. Jaytruly, KraigY, reeshdawg, myself were all at the last one. It was 4 hours of brutal fun and is well worth the time and money for anyone interested in using kettlebells. Email Mike at mahler25@yahoo.com to sign up or place a kettlebell order at discounted prices for the workshop.

Secondly, jaytruly, BOBU and I have all discussed a desire to meet more frequently and form a functional group. So, for our second get together (the Nov. Mahler workshop was the first), we are going to go rock climbing at Planet Granite (www.planetgranite.com) in Santa Clara (there is also one in Belmont). The cost of a full day climbing, equipment rental and belay/safety lesson is $29, or $25 if we get a group of 9 or more.

We need to decide on a date soon though so that I can book a reservation. The dates that work for us were Sunday, March 2nd or 9th. So please respond to this thread and let me know what date will work best for you for the rockclimbing meeting and if you plan on coming.

Just so that you have an idea, there are already about 6 of us going rockclimbing.

Also, I'm just bumping this back up for primetime viewing.

Thanks for the plug Jason and the rock climbing sound like a great idea as well!


I'm there!!!

where are all the northern california folks? Lets get this thread and this meeting happening!

If I’m fortunate enough to be in No. Ca in March, I’ll try to make it. :slight_smile:

jason - jaybird (jaytruly) mentioned the rockclimbing adventure to me yesterday and either the second or ninth is okay for me. count me in, if you promise not to laugh at pathetic attempts to scale sheer vertical surfaces (jaybird - enough with the personal growth/empowerment… i can’t take it anymore)…

mike - i’m intrested in this kettlebell thing (but then again, i’m interested in anything jesse tells me to) but i think i might too much of a beginner (read: wuss). jaybird came back with open wounds!! should i wait on this workshop till i develop some thicker skin?

get large.


Pearl, I have had senior citizens participate and survive my workshops so don’t give me that wuss excuse :slight_smile: Seriously, my workshops are for all levels and I am sure that you will get a lot out of it. Send me an email at mahler25@yahoo.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Glad to hear that you are going to come. As for the kettlebell workshop, I can attest that you will not have a problem as a beginner. My wife and I attended a workshop in Santa Monica and she was a complete beginner. Intially, she was thinking about purchasing an 18 lb kettlebell prior to the workshop, but then changed her mind and picked up the 26 lb afterwards. With proper instruction and a fun, learning environment, you may suprise yourself with what you can do. My wife clean and pressed a 36lb kettlebell with her left hand at the workshop and she was totally shocked. The night before, she almost killed herself trying to clean and press the 36 with her right (dominant) hand.

jason - oh, very reassuring… don’t say “killed” in any correspondence with me regarding lifting weights… i am easily dissuaded. in fact, there’s a jack in the box meal calling my name right now, the weightroom can just keep on waiting…

any decisions about the rockclimbing day/time? can i still come even though i’ve revealed myself as a pathetic, lard-craving pus – uh, punk?

get large.

Ok, I just booked the rockclimbing trip at Planet Granite in Santa Clara for 10:45am on Sunday, March 2nd. The belay lesson starts promptly at 11am, so make sure you get there by 10:45am to get your gear. The cost is $25 per person and it covers your equipment, all day climbing and belay/safety lesson. I HAD TO PAY IN ADVANCE TO HOLD OUR RESERVATION! So you will pay me the $25 on March 2nd.

I paid for 10 spots and we can go up to 12 spots max.

Right now, I have these people coming:

Jason and Kelly Norcross
BOBU + 1
jaytruly + 1
KraigY + 1

3 more open spots !!! - who wants em?

Make sure you email me or reply to this thread so that I know that you are coming. I can get my money back up to 7 days in advance. Also, if we get up to 12, I'll have to pay for 2 more spots.

See you soon! Make sure you reply and let me know what's up!

Ok, jaytruly’s +1 was actually pearl, so there is 4 more spots open. Come and get em.

i just wanted to say that i am pumped up for this t-adventure! that and i wanted to get this back into a primo spot!
Come and get 4 more spots, shit people pay me more than 25 dollars to hang out so you are getting me for a dela plus a bunch of other t-people.

I just had another guy sign up, so we’re up to 9 people now. There’s 3 spots left if anybody’s interested - come on Ike, Patricia, ko - you know that you want to come down for this :slight_smile: Oregon’s not that far away.

I’m looking forward to this!


Any last second takers?

Just so that you know, there are only 2 spots available and I’d have to call the climbing gym to make sure, so get in touch with me via PM ASAP if you are interested.