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SF Bay Area T-brood

a nod to whomever first posted “t-brood”; i like that.

anyway, bobu, jaytruly, ike and others who live in and around san francisco and oakland: let’s chat here

Thanks LT for setting up this thread… I too was gettin tired of scrolling through the list.

About the Valencia St. Muscle, I think Alessi wrote an article about money exercises, or powerlifting and how it can improve your workouts, yada yada, and it turns out that he references an olympic lifting coach (Jim Schmitz) who works there. Now that would be cool, working with a former olympic coach!

About the Potrero Gym, I workout there now cuz they have a squat rack. Squat racks seem to be rare these days. I used to do part time training at the 24 on Market, but got tired of the system real fast.

Anyways, I’m currently working at a biotech company (Sangamo Biosciences) and am working on grad school apps.

Are you a member of 24?

hey whats up. LT, BOBU, narcross, etc. we should all make a point to try and get to that k-bell workshop on the 9th, it is the perfect place to meet, workout, learn and then stuff ourselves with food. i know i am going and anyone who might need a ride is welcome. hit me back.

Slight confusion. I simply have a friend, a true T-Man, who lives in the Bay Area. Near Berkley. I do frequent the area from time to time visiting him, however.

Well, I’m in the South Bay, but overall it seems like to get a decent sized group, we are going to have to include all of the Bay Area. We already had some people chatting about this topic on the Nov. 9 San Jose kettlebell thread and the idea for the first meeting would be to do it at the k-bell workshop. Hit the k-bells hard for a couple of hours and then get some food. After that, I’m all for meeting on occasion just about anywhere in the Bay.

Hey Jason… about the kettlebell workshop.

Do you have all the info or at least where I can find it? I need to know price, place, etc.

I’m pretty interested but I need to plan in advance. Thanks a lot man. Hope to see you there.

by the way, do you have a 24 hour membership? We could meet up at one of those great t-gyms and hit the weights! hahaha

There is a thread with a lot of info that should be on the board somewhere. I’ll bump it up. Otherwise, email Mike Mahler at mahler25@yahoo.com. It’s on the 9th of November at San Jose City College. Send me an email: norcrossjason@aol.com and I can give you exact directions.

Thanks Jason… just saw the post.

I e-mailed Mike, hopefully it’s not too expensive and there is still room.

sup fellas, I’m from the East Bay, trained at a Gold’s Gym. I’m spending my time in Sunny San Diego and going to school. I will be back in town in late December for a month though, I miss the Bay Area it truly is the most bomb place to live. peace

hi fellas!
i half-feared the post would get lost in the shuffle and no one would post. silly me. :slight_smile:

bobu: yes, i’m a member of 24-fit, i go to the one in dntwn oakland cuz that’s close to where i live.

ike: sorry, dude. i misunderstood. be sure to point your berkeley-residing friend this way!

jason: i didn’t know you were in the bay area. i read your posts all the time.

azteclifter: 'sup dude?

if there’s a gathering for the k’bell workshop, let me know how it goes: my birthday is just after that weekend and i will be out of town on a looong-deserved break. i’d be interested in meetin y’all at other times, tho!

Sorry all, I will not be able to attend the K-bell workshop. I really want to go, but I will be starting a new part time job at Valencia St. Muscle. It’s an interesting position, and I’ll fill you guys in on it later as I learn more about it.

Jason= you got to let me know all about the meeting!!!

By the way, good luck in fantasy bball this year.

BOBU - I’ll definately fill you in and I’ll be sure to take some pictures also. We’ll set up a time to get the Bay Area T-Brood together again at the workshop. Good luck to you also, I’ve been working on my roster for some time now, but I just need the season to start so I can really evaluate how people are playing.

I am not quite in the bay area, rather I am from Sacramento. Is this close enough? I don’t mind traveling.

I live in San Mateo, 15 miles south on 101 from SF. Lets keep this thread going cause I would really like to hear from some people around here.

Both my wife and I really still consider Davis our home town although we grew up in the Bay Area. Six years up in Northern CA was not enough and we hope to move back up there someday. As far as I’m concerned, you guys are more than welcome to join in on Bay Area T-Men gatherings. Some of us will be getting together for the kbell workshop on Sat, Nov 9. I believe spaces are still open. After that, we’ll get together and come up with another idea for the next meeting.

Yo banker boy… you’re close enough. Glad to hear another voice.

Horace, San Mateo eh? You must know of Sushi Sam’s… Ah yes, great sushi. Man I should go tonight. Glad to hear your voice also.

Jason, this season is gonna be good… All I need now is an assist man.

I live in Davis and plan on attending if spaces are still available. I need a ride out to San Jose though, can anybody help me out?

Sushi Sams is the shit! Have you gone to the Japanese market asround the corner called Suruki market? They sell the best fish for a very reasonable price. I actually live in Burlingame, I meant to put San Mateo county on the post.

Suruki Market? Must go there then.

Thanks for the heads up. I could really go for a spicy tuna roll right now…

Hey Guys,
I am from Santa Cruz and will be attending the K-Bell training at SJ State and of course I will be wearing my TESTOSTERONE T-Shirt. I look forward to meeting my fellow bay area T-Brood there.