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Is it just me and my fluctuating Testosterone, or are little discrete ankle tatoos with or without an ankle bracelet absoulutely SEXY?

Seems like I’m noticing them more…maybe the ladies knew something was sexy WAY before the guys…they usually do! (I’m still pretty neutral in the toe rings!)

(DISCLAIMER: The Lion DOES NOT have an “ankle/foot” fetish!)

hell yeah, an ankle tatoo on a nice pair of legs is sexy, along with toe rings and ankle bracelts. you wanna know my favorite though? nose studs. holy shit a hot girl with a little diamond stud in her nose makes my knees shake

Gotta pass on the nose (and tongue!) stud too, bro! :)—!!!

im just talking about a little tiny stud in the nose. im not a big fan of lots of body art, but the little shiney (sp?) diamond in a girls nose is awesome. well if they can pull it off. the tounge ring is another thing. personally, on a hot chick, i dont mind it, but im not going to tell a girl im dating to go out and do it. whats your opinion on eyebrows? i say no-no.

Tatoos in general make me gag. I still don’t understand why anyone would ever want to “permanently” deface their body with an icon, picture, or name of smoe sort. What irks me even more, are the people who get the tatoos in places nobody sees except themselves. Tatoos and body piercings used to be rare, but it now seems like if you’re a college girl without either of the two, then you’re eccentric. I have to admit, a nice flat stomach with a good piercing does do a number on the eyes.

I’m the opposite. I LOVE toe rings & I’m neutral on anklets or whatever they’re called.

I prefer jewelry a lot more than tattoos. Obviously, the jewelry should be in good taste though. I think a nose, tongue, or eyebrow stud is ok, but when one starts getting out of college and has an actual job they should not be part of the daily attire. I really wouldn’t want to take a girl home to meet my folks who had a bunch of shit on her face. Rings and bracelets that are easily removed are my favorite.

Desecration of the body is pagan and disgusting.

Hey, everybody’s favorite racist is back!

Guess it’s a good thing I’m a born again pagan then. I like piercings and ink if it’s well done. I like ankle tatoos and anklets, but I really dig waistlets. I think a small chain around the waist, sitting up over the hips is really sexy. I also find a small tattoo on the small of the back very sexy. My wife has her navel pierced and a small diamond stud in her nose. She also has a small tattoo of a dragon on the small of her back. She draws a lot of anttention in the summer, wairing little short shirts, her navel ring, belly chain and sporting her dragon tattoo. Of course it could also be that she’s 140lbs with a 26 inch waist and 13 1/2 inch arms. Sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging, but my wife is damn hot. I think I better go find her right now.

I prefer a tattoo of a target on the small of the back. Gives me something to aim for.

Agee, Bro…those waistlets ARE sexy too!

Another thing…those Pagens sure seemed to know how to have fun, didn’t they? And I bet they didn’t sit around all day judging other people…

Gotta question about your Honey, mag. You often hear guys complaining that once they got married, the “naughty/sexy” woman they dated “changed” to frumpy sweats, bedroom shoes and sex by appointment. Sounds like your lady sorta’ “kept her edge”. Any thoughts? (I think that a lot of it has to do with who a person feels comfortable with being from within, but I was curious on your thoughts).

She sounds like a keeper!

Anyway, my tatoo is where no one sees it unless I'm in a bathing suit. I like it that way, since mine is very personal to me. What I have never understood are the people who get 'off the wall' tatoos, i.e. walk in the tatoo place and pick one off the wall. You;re going to have that thing for the rest of your life, do you really want to have a matching one with someone else??

Hey Jason R Moron, when Christ returns he will have tatoos, read your Bible, stupid. And 'pagan' just means 'from the country' because Christianity was mainly in the cities. Would you please go away again?

This reminds me of a nightmare I had. For some reason I had the Manchester Utd, Bayern Munich and Real Madrid emblems on my leg(and I hate Man Utd) and I thought “What the f**k have I done?!” Any tattoo needs a lot of thought put into it, or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.

Ya, my wife has kept her edge for the most part. Of course it’s never like the first three months we were together, but after 5 years I have no complaints. I would attribute her attitude to simply working out. By working out hard she has created a positive body image for herself which, I believe, keeps her interested in the fun stuff. I also think that women who work out are more aware of there bodies and more inclined to want to use them like an amusement park. The fact that she’s in great shape also keeps me motivated as well. Who wants to look like the out of shape loser on the arm of a hot woman?