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Hi, my name is Sarah. I've followed this site for a while, but finally took the plunge and joined. A little about me: I'm 26 years old. I eat, sleep, breath, live criminal defense. When I was a little kid, I always said I wanted to be an actress, writer or athlete when I grew up. Well, defense work is all of that combined - it's the only career besides professional sports where there are winners and losers. I became a lawyer at 24, and haven't looked back since.

Part of what makes me so darn intimidating in my career is my physique. I work in a man's world. So I lift accordingly. I've dabbled in powerlifting [I have a video of 225 raw], but bodybuilding truly is my passion. I posted some new pics taken from this past weekend. My cutting stage has begun and I need all the support and motivation I can get from you guys.

I'm on this site to learn; to grow; to improve. Let's do it.



i can't view your vid (my computer is dodgey with playing them sometimes) but wanted to welcome you to the boards. i apologize in advance if the guys try and eat you over on RMP... some of them are probably, like 12, so don't worry about them. hopefully the thread will turn out well eventually.

i've been trying to eat up and get my legs to grow so i'll be really interested to hear about your eating and training. reckon i could learn lots. will be interested to follow along your progress on your cut, too.


Yep I'm just here to say hi... and you posted in RMP before your cut? You MUST be tough!


Hellooooooooo nurse!!! Homina homina!

Ok enough of that, and thanks to Alexus for apologosing for me.

Anyway welcome to the site. If you have a problem, then T-Nation will solve it!

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Welcome sarah. I'm a pd too, but on the appellate end.

I'm not sure of the proper terminology, but if you're cutting does that mean that you have plans for a show? When is it? Have you competed before?


I am the confuzzled.




Nadia- I am sooo excited to hear that you do appellate work. I did my first brief recently, and enjoyed it a lot. It really helps with the trial side to know the rules of evidence - which comes only through appellate research.

I have never done a show, but have my mind set on doing one. Maybe the physique division, as I am bigger than figure but not large enough for bb. I've been slowly dieting over the last 7 months, but finally began going all out this summer.

Have you done a show before?

Alexus- bringing up the legs is hard [requires a lot of eating!] I started training legs 2x per week and noticed huge gains. My goal is to get the "crease" on the butt/thigh area.


Nice intro video and great back! Good luck with your training and cutting - I am looking forward to reading more.


http://vimeo.com/22712199 welcome, hope sometimes you can defend me too :wink:


Cardio today: yuck, 1.5 hours. My joints are killing me from dieting - lotsa fish oil. Taking in about 235 grams of protein, trying to keep my carbs under 120 grams. This is no cakewalk, Ladies!

Thinking of doing show in September - anyone do a show? Need to figure out how to pose!!


this- http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/index.jsp

and this- http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/features/how_to_become_a_figure_competitor

and this- http://figureathlete.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/figure_competition/posing_practice_makes_perfect


people will probably give you some posing critique / advice if you try out your poses for the required shots over on rate my physique. that is part of what that forum is intended to be for.

i can't figure out how people get their lats to pop out for the lat spread shot. of course it is entirely possible that i don't have enough lat to pop :frowning:



Hey Sarah!
What part of ohio are you in? Ohio has a surprisingly stellar fitness scene in some areas. I bet you could find someone that would teach you how to pose.

I don't know much about bodybuilding posing, but I had a a few help sessions with some posing experts in my neck of the woods and it did me a world of good in figure.

I know that's not entirely helpful, but it's what I got. :slight_smile:

Oh, and you should absolutely do a show! You look great!



Nice Vid. You have a great back. You should definitely do a show!

Good luck!

I'll be following :slight_smile:


Alexus- those boys are seriously entertaining over there! lol I am not sure how to do the lat pop either - but what i can say is, i built a lot of lat mass by doing rack pulls - they make you really sore. Also, rows.

I'm from Northeast Ohio (Akron/Cleveland). Anyone know about the new physique division? It's apparently a hybrid of bb and figure.


Welcome Sara!

You have great potential. I'll be following along. GL


I have watched it a couple of times this year. It was more like bodybuilding in that the girls had to put together a routine. As far as physiques, it was more bigger than figure.

I don't know a ton about it, but you are MUCH more developed than the girls I saw in physique. I would say check out the federation you want to compete in. Watch a show and get an idea of what's required. You may have done this already :slightly_smiling:

I think you could be competitive right now in bodybuilding. You're body is incredible! I don't know how it works from physique to bodybuilding, but I know that in bikini, the girls that are borderline figure material are often penalized with bad placing. Definitely take a gander at a show and do a really honest assessment of where you think you would fit in. Then go for broke!


Sarah: The first couple years in the practice of law are tough--especially if you are a sole practioner--the learning curve is steep and law school teaches you shit. Cases aren't (or are rarely) won on the facts. You need to make the law, including (especially!) the rules of evidence your BFF. That's the game.

I think it's great that you're planning to do a show--nothing like a planned comp to bring focus and intensity to your training.

I have not competed. But, I plan to try my hand at powerlifting next year.


how about actually posting pictures of your real self instead of stealing them from some lady on facebook and making a bullshit RMP thread? The women on this forum are a very tight knit bunch, and actually support each other more than the guys probably do. People like you just waste their time and effort.