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SEXY SQUATS! Drop it Low, Drop it Low, Drop it Low!



I would love to be one of those spotters.



Do want


Yes please


The way they wrap their knees irritates me.


Why is this in the powerlifting forum?


Oh, shit.


Agreed. And the fact that the blonde, titty chick's knees drop way in at the bottom. But I bet none of you guys noticed that since her cleavage was directly in front of the camera. This should be in SAMA anyway.


Nevermind that 205 for a few reps where your spotter picks you up and you knees cave in isn't particularly impressive.

I have a feeling that everyone would be commenting on the messed up form if someone had posted a guy squatting like that.

I believe this is the thread you guys are looking for.


I didn't even notice that she had knees.