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Sexy Lisa Bickles


I don't know how many of you guys have heard of Lisa Beckles, but I think I'm in love with her.

This is THE female body....in my opinion.




I havent heard of her but i bet a search engine will inform me quite nicely!!!!What a vixen!
Nice pics!!


I whole-heartedly agree! Beautiful face, smile and muscle! It doesn't get any better. Now where the hell do I find one?


Very nice! She managed to gain a lot of muscle and still maintain femininity. Face is a big plus!


Are those boobs real? [he asks, na?vely...]


Like I really care! :wink:


of course. bodyfat that low with tits that big...

btw, itz spelt "bickels"


Ok... are those bickels real?


I find her delts and arms completely unappealing.


looks like her eyebrows are two different colors from one pic to the next... and the second one looks like they are painted on or something.

i give her two thumbs down... next.

p.s. fantastic body work though.


The common pattern: First the criticism, then it's time for the "I'd hit it nevertheless" remarks...


Bwahahaha!!! I just sprayed coffee on my monitor from that comment.


Holy shit that was awesome.


You're on the wrong site, mate. You wanted to visit:






I whole-heartedly agree - she looks fantastic! Definitely a body I would strive for.

Height: 5'3"
Weight: 117-124 contest / 130 off season


Aye! She's a pretty women who's nice and fit with great musculature. Personally, I prefer her off season.


There ya' go!

Now here's a girl I can easily use as a Powerful Image!