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Sexual Problems, Steroids??

Hey y’all. Im a 25 y/o black-belt and bodybuilder on a stack of D-bol. Lately, i have been haveing problems when my wife or I want to have sex more than 2x a day. The right side of my penis always gets chafed, and perhaps i am doing something wrong. It may be a muscle imbalance leading to faulty thrusting technique, or something else. Has this happened to anybody else?

Are you located in the Northern Hemisphere? And do you and your wife always have your heads pointing North when you have sex? If so, you can relieve your problem (or at least switch it over to the distal side of your penis) by flipping yourselves around and “going South” instead.

(I’m assuming a Missionary Position is being employed here; if not, then things get more complicated. For example, if you’re using a wife-on-her-side, husband-kneeling-between-her-legs-holding-one-leg-up-by-his-chin position, you’ll have to get ahold of a good compass and learn some trig to figure out the correct alignment. Don’t forget to adjust for magnetic declination…!)

Hope this helps. For further information, pick up a book called “Sex and Geomancy: Giving Good Headings”.

slaps head holy crap, char that was superbly done.

I use to have a similar problem on the right side of my dick, until my wife saw the dentist.


You’ve got to be kidding! LOL

? I know most people that take steriod won’t phathom even to ask a question like this.

Char’s great response.

This should be a classic on what steriods does to your brain ;).

I’ve even suprised he’s married.

Sorry, even I couldn’t resist on this one.

It’s plain to see that you have an imbalance in your posterior chain. I’m recommending a strict regimen of deadlifts.

This is a common problem with novice steroid users. No doubt you are also using injectables, and are not alternating injection sites. Make sure to inject the left side of the penis on odd days, and the right side on even days. Also, make sure to use multiple sites along the sides, or you could fall prey to the dreaded “mushroom head syndrome”. MHS affects users that concentrate their injections near the glans, and end up with a penis that looks, both tragically and ironically, like a sperm.

oh man, that was good.

char baby, good shit.

When ever you think you have heard it all!