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Sexual Incounters

Does the number of people a guy or girl has been with affect someone’s decision to date them? Any thoughts?

For most guys, yes. But not for me. I can’t speak for the ladies, though.

yes and no. a 25 year old who slept with 20 girls in college, but has grown out of that is very different than a 25 year old who is still picking up women in bars and taking them home for a one nighter. even if the final ‘count’ is the same.

Well if it is public knowledge they sleep with everyone, yes to an extent. BUT you shouldn’t be asking people how many others they have slept with right off the bat. Both sexes like to do this and it is just wrong. It’s fine to fuck a whore, you just don’t want to date a whore.

It sure can. If a guy knows a girl has had many partners, he is either going to think she is a slut and not want to be with her. Or he’s going to think that she’s an easy fuck. There is a saying that goes, a slut is someone that sleeps with everyone. A bitch is someone that sleeps with everyone but you!

And it could go the other way around for how women view men. But typically, it’s a double standard. Men are viewed as studs, women as sluts. I personally don’t care how many partners the person has had. I don’t ask and don’t care to know someone’s sexual history. The only concern I have is if they used protection and have or had any STD’s.

If a girl’s say, 40 & has been with 60 guys, that might sound like a lot but the rate she went through them all wouldn’t be really fast. I wouldn’t care if I never found out.

Of course you wouldn’t care Drax if you never found out. But you might if you did find out.

Damn right!!!

Okay, what’s the real question?

Don’t ask. Don’t tell

It only effects them if you tell them. The first date isn’t usually a good time to chat about how many other chicks you’ve banged anyway. When it finally comes around for that type of discussion hopefully your winning personality will make it a moot point.