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Sexual Effects of Test Cycle?

I can’t seem to find an answer for this. While on a test only cycle does sex drive go up or down. On anti-drug websites I find it says it goes down, but all of my friends say it goes way up. Which is it? Does it make you last longer? Ejaculate volume? Lol

It goes way up (unless you mess up somehow).
Personally I find it makes no difference to how long I can last.
As for volume I personally find it fluctuates but that’s no different to how I am off cycle.

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For a lot of guys it goes up. When I was blasting it wasn’t much different from my regular trt level of libido, which is already absurdly high. So the answer is “it depends”. It shouldn’t go down unless you’re screwing something up.

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My libido before steroids was probably on the higher end. On gear it fluctuates from high to annoyingly high especially at the start of a cycle or when I add a compound or increase a dose it goes crazy for a couple weeks.

If your libido is low right now and your natural test levels are fine don’t expect a change. There is probably something in your life (stress, sleep, diet, etc) that is having a negative effect on it.

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