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Sexual Dysfunctions From Steroids?

Can steroids cause premature ejaculation after use? if so is it fixable?

they can cause low sperm count and such but i dunno about that … may be if you get too excited with all the t flushing around

I’d agree with sabaz, you might just have a super jacked libido thats making you get there a bit quicker. Keep in mind “clinically premature”, is something in the neighborhood of 1 to 2 minutes.

At least i remember hearing something like that, could be wrong though. Of course that is a general range, everyones different. If it persists try to judge how you normally are and if the difference is significant; like going from 15 minutes to the 1 or 2 range then maybe it’s time to seek some professional help.

if your just too excited try “working out your forearms” before hand, that should slow you down. As for typical gear related disfuntion think deca dick.

what coud be the cause of the lack of feeling in my penis? i used to be abe to somehwat flex it and such but now just there.

don’t you have another thread going about some possible bad gear? I’d get that shit to a lab and have it checked

i believe you have another thread going about some possible bunk test. I’d say it’s time to get your gear to a lab and have it checked if you can. IMO I would drop all the ancillaries you have going too, for me personally it’s test only and i mean ONLY.

I have a serm ready to go just in case and thats it. I’m fortuneate that way as I dont have any problems with test (at least not at any dosages i’ve tried so far…), of course everyones different. How much experience do you have with all these drugs? To me that seems like quite a bit of stuff to try out all at once, who knows what could be causing what, especially if your still relatively new to this.

Aside from the drugs; rest & diet can have a huge impact on your sexual capabilities, since you’re “on” right now we’d think these things are in check, but give yourself an honest evaluation. Also if your gear is nothing more than steril oil you might have a mental effect giving you a little edge and pusing you harder in the gym. Any feelings of depression, extended periods of muscle soreness, just gernally feeling run down, mental fog, etc?

well the main reason i started the test rather than muscle mass and gains was because of lack of libido. i no longer was having morning erections or strong erections after only a 3 week period of using winstrol a couple years ago. so taking into consideration i was harmed before, i was suggested by few that AI and hcg could help prevent more damage while on test e. the proscar was my decision because winstrol destroyed my hair.

rather than mass and such id be completely happy if i could just have my libido back in place and i wouldnt think twice about ever taking steroids again. I spent $1000 on a blood test bc i had no insurance at the time to check a my levels after the damage was done by winstrol and everything seemed to be fine and all levels were normal. the doctor told me that maybe my libido would just come back one day. 2 years later nothing was better so i did the test to take matters into my own hands. and no results.

what type of doctor coud i go see about this? an endocrinologist?

I have nothing against AI/SERMS, but i’m of the opinion that if you dont need it then why use it. Of course there are those that are in the better safe than sorry camp for good reasons, but like i say everyone is different. Estrogens are nessecary and if you’re “over managing” them your system will be out of balance and that spells trouble.

Did you get your Es checked during that blood work and did they conduct the proper tests? Sometimes you have to spell this out for them as checking E levels can be different for males and females and sometimes labs dont catch the gender of the test subject.

If I were in your situation (and your insurance is squared away). I’d discontinue (especially since your gear is questionable), get to the doc and get a full work up done, do your research and know what tests need to be done and what the levels should look like generally. Then start a conversation about HRT or E control if you’re too high. If the doc doesnt help much find another doc. There are some papers at meso-rx, from a DO by the name of Chrisler(sp) i believe. His info seems pretty straight.

im plaining on going to the doc ASAP. in case the test isnt bunk i guess i still need to go threw with nolva and such before the doc? im just hoping my insurance will cover it. i dont know what words to exactly use to allow coverage. admit to steroid usage, or just explain current ploblems?

in my case i use only as needed, if you’re not carrying any water, itchy, sensitive or puffy nipples, acting like a women, etc then i wouldnt but ultimately it’s up to you. Normally i’d say it wouldnt hurt you, but it seems we really dont know whats going on with you so i’d use some caution.

As for the doc you kinda have to feel him out, if he/she is any good then they will be there to help you regardless. Do expect a lecture of some sorts if you come clean, but i think you can be pleasantly surprised that some docs are enlighted to this stuff, it’s just a matter of finding the right one.

From your previous question; an endo would be the appropriate type of specialist for this, but you may want to see your general pract. first; if they really look you over you could end up seeing several specialists.

500 MG test cypionate along with decca & Masteron and my staying power was like 3 seconds. I mean I put it in, and was done within a few seconds.

It was definitely the test I was taking at the time.

On the other hand, I did a cycle of test alone, switched the brand of gear mid cycle, and had limp noodle syndrone. Couldn’t get solid erections. I found out later the gear I switched to was bunk, so basically while I was taking the bunk gear I was doing PCT without the PCT.

If premature ejaculation is the problem, it is the test.


After reading this thread again, I am afraid I am a little confused on exactly what your symptoms/problem is/are.

You open by asking about premature ejaculation, then say you lack feeling in your penis which is a sign of staying power.

Do you have premature ejaculation?

Are you not able to achieve a rock solid erection you can “flex” using the PC muscle? Or exactly what do you mean by lack of feeling? If I apply some Mandelay on my member I cant feel a damn thing and can last forever.

If you pinpoint your problem, I think I may be able to help a little with it as I have had all the above conditions and resolved them :slight_smile:

well when i meant no feeling im mainly refering to when im not hard. i used to be able to flex my pc without being hard and have movement and such down there which usualy lead to getting an erection. now its just there. cant flex much. morning erections havent existed for awhile. maybe every once in awhile. but absolutely no spontanious erections anymore.

And no, i never have rock hard erections anymore which is mainly what i want. there so weak sometimes my penis seems small when i know thats not the case. it seems like in the past when i had rock hard erections ejaculation wasnt such a problem to hold back.

Also il wake up and throughout the day my testes and penis will not have the full and hanging feeling and seem to be shrunk. for some reason, at night both seem to loosen up and hang a little better.

Iv been thinking my bad recreational drug use and tobaco use could be contributing so i have been sober for a few weeks now and i quit smoking. i feel great, but sexual problems still exist.

Let me first assure whatever you may have done to your body can be reversed.

[quote]fentanyl36 wrote:
well when i meant no feeling im mainly refering to when im not hard. i used to be able to flex my pc without being hard and have movement and such down there which usualy lead to getting an erection.


That is just badass. I used to be able to do this when I was younger, but I am 35 now and cannot get an erection this way. It takes a little work now a days :slight_smile: You should still be able to flex your PC when not hard. If you cannot, then it is a PC issue and not one of juice:


Not having morning wood is a sign of as problem. It could be several things. First, I will ask you some questions, then I will refer you to a thread.

  1. Are you taking an AI? I was not sure in reading your posts. How much and of what if you are taking an AI?

  2. How much test are you taking, what type and how often are the injections of what MG?

  3. how long have you been taking the injections and what lab is the manufacturer. You can PM me the lab if you want.

  4. refer to this thread. It is a very good write on the importance of an AI for cycles like you may be on. In short, your problem could be high estrogen clogging your test receptors.


I had a problem a while back where my test receptors were clogged with estrogen and I had a limp noodle problem. I could not get a hard erection to save my life. I switched gear and went on arimidex .5 daily and the problem cleared within 3 weeks.

If all else fails and you are in need immediately to satisfy a girl, get some cialis from chemone and you will be rock hard longer than you like :slight_smile:

Thats a problem. With me it has been one or the other, rock hard and done immediately, or squishy and lasting forever. My bet for you is excess estrogen. Let us know how much AI, if any, you are one. We can go from there.

So, you are telling me you wake up throughout the day? What hours are you keeping? Are you working nights or what? What is your sleeping/awake/working schedule?

Iv been thinking my bad recreational drug use and tobaco use could be contributing so i have been sober for a few weeks now and i quit smoking. i feel great, but sexual problems still exist.[/quote]

Nope, those rec. drugs are not the problem. And the web sites that tell you they are the problem are full of shit and want to sell you something.

So far, I am getting your problem is estrogen. Morning wood should be busting through the sheets on test, depending on the amount.

What, if anything, else are you taking along with the test, and what amounts?

wow, i’ve never experienced anything like this or really even heard of it at least not with test alone. Good to have the vets around for this kind of expierence.

"3. how long have you been taking the injections and what lab is the manufacturer. You can PM me the lab if you want. "

See his other thread “Bunk Test”, i think he’s coming up on week 5 now, but with zero results. If he’s getting nothing at all from the gear, i’d be worried about what exactly is in that vial…

I’m going to just shut up and listen now.

im actually on week 10 of 500mg test E a week split into 2 doses. im taking .25 AI EOD, 250iu HCG EOD, and 1.25mg proscar EOD (cant loose more hair). all current problems existed before this current cycle and before procar so i dont believe its the cause of the problem. Test E is from dog-vet anabolics which doesnt exist anymore. i have talked to many people on ssb and they were supposidly a great repitable source until they were busted.

Morning erections exist a couple times a week. When i have them they are very weak. i have normal sleeping patterns. I meant throughout the day the testes seem to shrink and change sizes, not i wake up throughout the day.

Im willing to do whatever it takes to fix this. i appreciate your help petedacook.

The test you are taking is going to make your nuts shrink, and hang close to your body. Now, the HCG you are taking is/should prevent the shrinkage.

My concern, given my limited knowledge, is that HCG tends to de-sensitize the leydig. Consistent higgh doses od HCG, that is. Not sure if your does is high enough.

But lets face it. What you attempted to do to fix your problem did not work. So it is time to move on and look elsewhere for a solution.

My recommendation; cut your cycle off where you are 10-11 weeks. Begin your PCT. I recommend pct along the lines of this:



Read the above links. Learn a little and apply what you have learned. One thing I caution, HCG use will desensitize your lehdig. Supposedly Nolvadex prevents this side effect, but I do not know for sure.

I may also recommend you post a well written question on forums.steroid.com/

The above site has many more users and they are all about the questions you seek answers to.

In my humble opinion, your gear is bunk. My opinion is only based on your feedback. There is bunk gear that has side effects, but is still bogus gear. Who knows what the gear is until it is tested by a lab? While a cycle will cause shrinkage like you say happens to you during the day, but it will not prevent morning wood or hard erections, or hanging low.

Test makes my johnson throb…all…day…long. And test properly used gives rock hard morning wood. Not sure if your body creates more estrogen than others, but it seems .25 ED of AI should contain it. What AI are you taking?

Your first few weeks on this gear should have given you rock solid erections almost all day, at least in the morning. Did the gear doi that for you? And have your balls shrunk since being on the gear?

I really hate labs that sell bogus gear. They fuck people up in a way more than just stealing their cash. I would rather have my $$ taken then receive bogus and or under-dosed, bullshit!

Im taking arimiex for an AI. and no, for the first few weeks i also had no erections. My balls seem to be about the same as they were before i started this cycle. (they have never really hung like they originaly did since a winstrol cycle i did a couple years back)

Its driving me crazy because iv heard good things about the source from anyone that is familier with them. i dont doubt their bunk though bc im taking the same cycle with a friend and it is his first cycle. He has not gained any mass or gains and has no ball shrinkage.

After PCT if/when problem still exists, do you have any suggestions on what i should do next if anything?

It is sounding more and more like the gear is bunk. You definitely should have had erections when you began the cycle.

If you still have this problem after your PCT, I do not know what to recommend. PCT should clear up any sides.