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Sexual Dysfunction at 21 Y/O After Antidepressants

hello all
i posted the same content at the offtopic but idk which is the right one for this subject
if this is not the right place i will delete it and only leave it at the off topic if those are the rules idk

here is the problem:

im a 21 yr old male with history of anxiety disorder
i was given different antidepressants for about 8 months where i experienced sexual side effects
however after stopping them 4 months ago i still have sexual dysfunction regarding errection,ejaculation,arrousal,libido etc…

i wanted ur knowledge and opinion for the hormonal stuff to exclude them as my problem
here are my results which i have done 3 days ago:

TSH 2.83 (0.27-4.20)
fT4 15.10(10.30-24.45)
FSH 7.02(1.6-12)
LH 4.34(0.8-6.0)
Estradiol 42.37(7-45)
Prolactin 11.76(2.7-16.9)
Testosterone 16.14(5.2-22.9)
SHBG 51.6(15-120)

it might also be a prostatitis or urethra or smth idk
but i want to know if the hormones are normal and whats ur oppinion

regards :))

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Did you have the symptoms before the antidepressants?

never had any sexual problems
if was horny as fuck and it was distracting me from studying etc…
now im asexual

So I guess that means the anti depressants did that. Those are side affects of those meds. If you list the ones you took others may have experience with them

You took for short time not sure why the symptoms did not go away.

Your numbers is a snapshot in time. Can’t tell to much from those.

Do you have any pre medication numbers?

I mean you were fine before the antidepressants. Right?

Glad you stopped them. So your anxiety is manageable?

Relax dude you will figure this out.

i took the usual ADs
3 ssri
2 tca
1 atypical AD
im all med free for 4 months
i had no history of sexual problems
i dont have hormones from the past

i would like to know from someone who understands male hormones and sexuality to tell me if they are ok so i can move on to other causes,not hormonal

Imo it’s not the testosterone hormones.

There are other hormones though. Like adrenals and thyroid.

To be sure you can check

Total t
Free t
Free t3
Am cortisol
Complete metabolic panel
Lipid panel

It makes sense to me it was the medication that did this. Some medication can cause damage.

I would do labs within 1 hour of getting up after a good night sleep.

Your testosterone isn’t great and your SHBG is binding up a lot of bioavailable testosterone. SHBG starts to affect bioavailable testosterone negatively once it reaches 40-50’s with 55 being high normal according to labcorp, your SHBG ranges go too high.

The cause of your high SHBG is most definitely the antidepressants which are known to increase SHBG and impact the liver negatively. Young men shouldn’t be seeing these high SHBG levels until you are older.

TSH closer to 1.0 is optimal, this is where healthy young men score. No Free T3 and Reverse T3 tested, Free T4 isn’t as valuable as testing Free T3, which is the only active thyroid hormone.

Free T3 is where the rubber meets the road.

Men require the LC/MS/MS method, the Roche ECLIA methodology is for women. Roche ECLIA methodology will overestimate E2 values is elevated which then turns into a guessing game about your true levels.

Estradiol is high as well and that’s a definite sexual response killer.

I don’t believe his doctor ordered the incorrect E2 testing, looks like the standard E2 testing for females. The range is a dead giveaway.

Even still, his result is within 2.63 points of the upper range limit for that test, so either way doesn’t it still mean it’s high?

It’s likely between 20-35 pg/mL. You can’t draw any conclusion for running the wrong test.

So how are you drawing the conclusion that it’s likely between 20-35 pg/mL?

I’m not asking to be a smart ass. I really am trying to learn and understand the thought process here so I can better understand my own blood results when I get these things tested, and I can be more able to help others with questions.

I’ve seen guys coming in here for so long who have had both the standard E2 and sensitive run side by side, the ratio is easy for me to predict. Once E2 gets above 35-40 it starts to get more exaggerated and the ratio is usually the same, this is what I’ve noticed.

If you use both tests and it’s closer to 20-25, it’s pretty close by only a few points. If E2 is elevated above the ranges, well now you must run the testing all over again.

LC/MS/MS is the only way to go in my opinion, it removes any doubt.

unfortunately i cant test fT3 in near future
if fT3 is thyroid related,i have checked my thyroid and its perfect the doc said

i thought that if my lh and fsh are ok than i shouldn’t worry

the estradiol i think is correct,since i cant test any other estradiol at that clinic than this

what do u suggest that i should do about my particular situation?

estradiol 42.37(7-45)
SHBG 51.6(15-120)
test 16.14 (5.2-22.9)

any medication or supplement or anything?
thanks :))

You need to be very careful trusting in doctors, not testing Free T3 is a red flag doctor is cutting corners or is just undertrained. Very common in europe.

You may be correct, you may not have access to the correct E2 testing.

anyone here to help?
i want to start a Tamoxifen trial for my high estradiol
something like a Tamoxifen PCT
anyone with knowledge or experience willing to suggest me the cycle would be great!

tnx :DD

also to mention my testicles have been permanently shrunk and i have no pushing force when i urinate
can high estrogen cause this problems?

tnx again

When you say no pushing force do you mean your bladder is not emptying itself automatically when you release or that you’re finding yourself having to exert pressure to get the stream moving?

This happened to me when I was low testosterone, no longer after I started TRT.