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Sexual Drive


Ok I have a serious question lol. Ok i use to weigh about 115 pds 4 years ago. worked my ass to get to where i am today, although i still got a long time to go. im 21 years old been lifting maybe 4 years. OK I cheated along the way. not steroids. But i took a shitload testosterone boosters and stuff like that along the way. Shit at one time i was like takin 23 pills a day.

Neways I use to be fine in the sex department things were great, i was like a rabbit u kno 4 or 5 times a day blah blah blah. Well in the past 2 years man, ive noticed shrinkage lol IM LIKE THE WHAT THE HELL. In balls as well as other. MY sex drive aint same. I havent been full erect in a while now. and i NEED TO KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!!!!! lol i was a dumbass and didnt know about the PCT's back in the day. I just want to kno if theres natural stuff i can take to make me function correctly again or im fucked for life!


i would think time might help?


I dont know what you took, but I'd suggest getting your T-levels checked out. Once you figure out if your levels are normal or not, then you can help pin-point what's causing this.

Are there any other changes in your life? School? Job? Relationships? Diet?


deadlift moar


I agree, this is something you should discuss with your doctor.


Yeah don't come to a forum for advice like this ..go see your dr


too much lol, perhaps thats the problem.


lol a lil stress, but nothin to crazy..damn i guess i need to go to the doctor..:frowning: fuck. I was hopin there was miracle something out there..but i appreciate it man.


I was going to say "You're fucked", but then I realized that probably won't happen.

Yes, Tex, see a dr.

Also take a lot of fish oil caps. Some guys swear it makes 'em get ragin' hard-ons.


for the next two weeks use the strip club as recovery. Go to bars and get head minimum 4 times a week.


There is ..its called CIALIS® (tadalafil) for ED (Erectile Dysfunction) Treatment. Works for 48 hours. But it does little for sex drive. But it gives the best wood you can ever ever have. Like being 12 years old and seeing your first set of boobies in your hands.


Did you get married?


Lame troll attempt....

If the guy starts a thread as stupid as this, bragging that his balls shrank, and its only his 3rd post ever...you bet he's a troll

Probaly drivethruhero...took some sups that a gnc guy said would thickin his neck, make it look shoter and more robust


Right Away!! Doctor's Order!!