Sexual Disfunction

Has anyone with morning wood and average libido gone on trt and had these diminish once they were dialed in on trt

From what I have been reading I seem to come a cross alot of these problems and want to figure out if it’s people that have had problems in the first place, or is it chasing the perfect hormone balance that can cause these symptoms

Dialed in (in my mind) would mean everything is dialed in. I think of an old school stereo. If only 7 out of 10 dials are correctly positioned I would call that not dialed in because it likely has distortion at some levels still.

Sounds like you are getting there though so hang in there and keep playing with it until you get it and be sure you give yourself enough time at each dosage to know if it’s actually working. The libido part was usually the last to come for me when I changed protocols. It took me for f-ing ever to get the “perfect” (hesitant to say that) protocol for me. I’m glad I stuck through it though.

How long have you been on trt. What are you taking currently, and are you saying tbat morning wood is not existent after making a debut?

How old are you? Do you take cialis daily. What changes did you make recently?

Just because we are on trt doesn’t mean every day is perfect. Some days libido sucks and other days it’s fabulous. If libido has dissapeared and you made zero changes let me know.

If u had libido and wood before TRT, TRT making it “dissapear” means u are not dialed in at all.

I’m not currently on trt, maybe another month or 2 and I will be. I don’t have any problems with morning wood or erection, except I went sofr during this morning but I’d say the problem is a pregnant partner.

I’m just curious if people were fine before trt and ran into problems while on trt

You’re not dialed in if you libido is diminished once levels are stable if you have been on TRT for at least 6 months, not everyone is going to have raging erections and insane libido within the first several weeks, sometimes your body is slow to utilize these new hormones.

Your libido can take the longest to come back online.

I have a feeling that if you search the word libido in the trt section that you could have your answer.

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Fine as in Libido or erecrion quality or frequency ?

After trt your desire should increase. erection quality doesn’t really improve and cialis or Viagra is usually needed.

What, erection quality shouldnt become better with T?

If it’s been a while since your dick got real hard you may need a pde5 to “repair “ it. endothelial Function can be restored from my reading. I good free t is needed to

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T is what drives you to desire sex. That is libido.

Erection strength is many things , but T alone will not fix your erection if it’s weak. For some yes it improves, but for most it doesn’t seem to improve. No2 helps and cialis is a great substitution.

A doc that specializes in sexual issues in men from ED to surgery for pumps and premature ejac stated (just the other day) the same words as Charlie just did.

He actually suggested I try a bigger daily dose of cialis if 20 Doesn’t do it for me and that overtime I shouldn’t need as much.

Good sleep also is a huge factor in libido, not the drug induced sedation though, you’ll never hit stage 4 REM sleep sedated.

Yes natural sleep I agree.

My experience is higher e2 makes erections more difficult to get.

I take 5mg daily. Usually on Thursday or Friday I double it up.

I know they act differently but I wonder if taking more can help my cardiomyopathy. There is a recent study in sheep that cialis reversed heart failure. Don’t know how the translates into what human dose.

My Dr suppose to add an ACE or ARB to the beta blocker, maybe more cialis instead
?? Wishful thinking.

Is this the FB group? If so are their any cardiologist that frequent the group?

Multiply the daily by 1.5 and that’s your steady serum after 5 days. I don’t think cialis works on my erecrions as well as Viagra but it definitely fixed my blood flow and vasculation is crazy.

I’m sure try a little more cialis will be worth the effort. N02 is vital.

No cv in our group but majority of them are well in tune with CV issues since TRT and older men need that oversight. It’s discussed often.

Great video form a top cardiologist shared by A llabres. Some false notions on the video but this should help you understand why estrogen is so important for heart health and with TRT. Shoot maybe find this doc or anthony llabres who is the type to take a non pharma approach to your situation.

I might also contact Russ Scala he has helped many men in your position. He’s not a TRT doc, but more of a holistic expert who looks to enable the body to fix it self versus meds and etc.he calls himself a 11th hour interventionist. Just setup a call and tell him I sent you. I’m sure you’ll walk away with action points even if you don’t hire him.

Scala precision health is his business