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Hey guys (and girls)

It seems like all the cool kids have their own logs so I'm starting one myself.

Short bio:
I'm 21, from Denmark and have been training for 2 years now. I recently competed, and won, my first powerlifting meet.

I'm currently studying 4th semester Economics, so I'll be done with that in 3.5 years.

Here is a video from the meet. I competed at 178 lbs.

I welcome any advice, critique etc.


Todays workout

DE Lower

Pull Ups
2xbwx3 Wide grip
3xbwx3 Medium grip

HS Leg Press
9ppsx10 PR

Sumo DL

Seated Calf Raises

Ab Wheel

Good workout. My pull ups suck, but I figure some practice will be good. Both for my pull up performance and for my back size. Leg pressing "a lot" sure is fun. The DLs were supposed to be an attempt on some speedy stuff, but it was way too heavy for that after the LP. I'll keep it at 220 the next time.


Super sexy swole song of the day;


Following. Get a damn belt lol.


Teach me how to be flexible enough to hit that depth, please.



I'm in.


Nice to have you along.
Nah man I'm 100% RAAAAW! I don't need your cheater gear lol.
I have actually ordered a belt, but the place I ordered from apparently got a bad batch. Hopefully it won't be that long.

Step 1: Acquire short legs
Step 2: Disregard flexibility
Step 3: ????
Step 4: PROFIT!!!

I really don't do that much for flexibility. I've recently started to do a bit as a part of my warm up and I feel it has helped a bit. It makes hitting depth during the first set way easier.

I just got OL-shoes as well and it feels more natural squatting with them. That might be worth considering.

Welcome! Nice with some Europeans in here haha.


all I know is that "kampf" means struggle or something of that sort. But I shall be stalking your in here.




Krafdreikampf is German for powerlifting.

Even though I generally dislike the German language (it's the subject I've gotten the worst grade in ever) I like this word. Sound powerful!

Glad to have the two of you along.


RE Upper

DB Bench
66x7 WTF
66x8 That's better

Wide NG Pulldown 1.5 reps /SS/ Scarecrows
110x12 / 11x12
110x12 / 15x12
110x9 / 15x12
110x8 / 15x12

Cable Laterals

BB Shrugs /SS/ Hammer Curls 1.5 reps
198x12 / 22x8
198x12 / 22x7
198x20 / 18x10

Lol. I'm soooo weak at everything upper body related. The 1.5 reps on pulldowns and curls felt good though. I felt the back and biceps better than usual.

Post-workout meal
Oatmeal with whey.
Protip: Strawberry makes this look very funky.

Now it's time to read some regression analysis (or at least that's what I'm supposed to do, I'll probably spend all day watching football and playing Black Ops)

I'm also starting to get sick. I think I'll celebrate by going for a new squat max tomorrow.


It's picture time! Although I'm not as sexy as you guys I think it'll be a good idea to have some pictures in here.


Attempted front lat spread. Edited for maximum anonymity.


I have no idea how to properly flare my lats.


Left bicep Y U NO pose? And plz go away love handles.



ME Lower

397xF Video
Borrow belt
397x1 PR

DB Lunges
3x44x20 steps

Back Raise

Ab Wheel

Nice to hit 4 plates. I'm pretty certain I could get it without the belt. I just think I need some more practice with high percentages of my max.
The back raise is probably the most sexy hamstring exercise ever, feels extremely good.

Watch from 0:40


When I read ME Upper and 397 I almost raged, but realized you probably meant ME Lower.


Nah man. I squat on ME Upper and Bench on ME Lower.


Just orderer a plate of whey! Time to get HOOGE!

Or at least time to stop eating like a little girl. If I tried to cut down now I would probably end up looking like a holocaust survivor.

Also Arsenal FTW!