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Sexual Anhedonia After TRT

How did you deal with your adrenals?
What was the problem with them?
Was your cortisol high?

Can you give some details if you don’t mind?
It would be very helpful , thanks.

This is exactly what’s happening to me. I lost all sensation of orgasms, feel anhedonic to everything, libido is worse than prior to TRT. My TSH went from 4.23 to 2.7 on TRT. My gut issues went away (feeling sick after I ate anything, blood in stool). And I’m no longer insulin resistant.

All my physical problems are solved, but I’m somehow more depressed on TRT, and my dick doesn’t work.

Have you done labs lately? What’s your current protocol?

Something is seriously wrong with my endocrine system or dopamine/serotonin. I’ve had excessive sweat pouring out of my hands/feed/back/shins since I was 5 or 6. Like puddles nonstop. I’ve always felt hot and never been able to control my body temperature.

This lead to hypogonadism, and after being ready to blow my brains out because I’ve never been laid and been tired and depressed my entire life, and looking like a eunech, I demanded a testosterone test from my PCP who REFUSED at first because he said my testicles looked normal. Retard.

It came back at 171ng/dL.

I’m on 140mg/week now and that troughs me at 757 ng/dL, with an extremely high free T because my SHBG is low as shit, 14-17 pre-TRT, and on TRT.

I need to make an actual post and show all my numbers. TRT has reversed all of my physical problems EXCEPT excessive sweating. Something is telling my hypothalamus to tell my sympathetic nervous system to sweat 24/7.

I now have a beard and chest hair from 0 of either. I have leg hair, I have armpit hair. I got super horny for maybe a month on 120mg/week my 3-6 month in after 100mg/week, but that’s since stopped.

My dopamine is non-existent. Porn does nothing. Gambling does nothing. Video games do nothing. I rarely even eat because I’m not hungry. I have 0 desire to do anything.

I lost ALL impulsive behavior after starting TRT OVERNIGHT. So, testosterone did something to my dopamine, or dopamine receptors.

The ONLY time I felt a sex-drive and happy, was when I drank alcohol on TRT at 26 when I first tried it for a year. I’m 33 now and have been sober for ~ 2 years.

So, with alcohol increases my dopamine, I actually felt good on TRT and wanted to bone 10 times a day, and I even jerked off 10 times a day I was that horny.

Now, my trough TT levels are higher on 140mg/week than when I was on 150mg/week, but yet my dick doesn’t work, and I’m depressed all the time.

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My orgasm feeling got worse also. I’m on 100mg/wk a few weeks since low dose cream. I’m going to see how the next 6 weeks go and if I’m not near top of FT, hoping that a higher dose solves the orgasm thing. But, if anyone has had the O problem and solved it by other means than testosterone. Do tell.

My 2 cents on this … I feel the same without HCG. If I stop the HCG I get all this issues - loss of sensitivity and bad orgasms. HCG fixes that and seems to not cause me issues if my total t is above 1200.
When my t has droppes to 700-800 recently I felt the HCG side effects strongly


Man I feel the exact same way!

Interesting what you wrote @oppenheimer about the alcohol while on trt improving sex function. I was going to chime in and say I had an orgasm today that was my best in months… hoping the 3rd or 4th week on test cyp is putting me on my way. I bumped from 50 to 55mg about a week and a half ago (every 3.5 days)… but, I never drink. I got smashed Friday and was practically comatose Saturday… and fine today.

Maybe it was the alcohol that did something? I hope I turned a corner either way.

A blast of estrogen from beer ?

Some say estrogen is what makes libido.

I’m hoping its just coincidence although I do recall some other propecia side effect guys feeling better briefly after booze. So estrogen boost? Maybe?

I’ve wondered about that too. I used to have insane libido after a night of drinking, never really figured out why.

I used to have the same.

Horny and hungover.

My experience is so similar that I thought I wrote this post. Certainly interested in the feedback. My sleep pattern is exactly you described

Why to bother on TRT when you can just have a few drinks? :laughing: