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Sexual Activity

I was just wondering exactly what effect sexual activity has on the body and how does it affect bodybuilding. I’m really looking for scientific data to back any findings. The reason I ask is because I have a rather insatiable girlfriend and don’t want to hinder my performance too much. :slight_smile:

If youre a woman, having sex before a competition can cause your belly to bloat.

Poor guy.

Okay, to prevent over-training, throw her on top once in awhile. Careful though, I find that my hamstrings get a good workout that way.

Don’t do missionary the same day as abs.

Finally, turn on the TV when she’s going at it. If it’s a good show, you will be able to relax while she does her THANG.

And you call this a dilemma? Gotta set priorities. That’s all I got to say about that.

Sexual activity and serious bodybuilding do not go well together. Having sex any more than once or twice a month will totally sabotage your progress. Testosterone levels will be chronically drained, gains will come to a screeching halt, and you’ll probably lose muscle tissue from being in a catabolic state much of the time. However, send me your girlfriends address, and I’d be happy to make sure she doesn’t vandalize your bodybuilding success.

This question is posted at least once a week and has been covered many times at T-mag so I’ll let you find the answer.

But tell me this, if the answer was “yes, sex hurts your bodybuilding efforts” would you stop having it? No, of course not. So why ask?

If you’re this concerned about your bodybuilding efforts, then maybe you need to re-evaluate your life. This doesn’t sound like a problem to me, nor would I let it bother me or affect my training. Training isn’t the only thing in the world.


Instead of re-evaluating your life, maybe you should get a life first. Besides, I was talking to your girlfriend and she says that she only wants it once a day or so. If you can’t handle that, maybe you should worry about your manhood’s function instead of your “performance”.

I wasn’t asking if I should avoid sexual activity all together. I had a serious question and I was hoping for a serious response. I was simply wondering what the exact affect it has on one’s body. I thought that this site had a rule about personal attacks. I suppose not!

Why don’t you marry her? You will no longer have to wonder …

Sex helps in pre-contest preparation. Seriously. With a contest approaching, sleep patterns get all whacked up - and I find that sex helps in keeping me from tossing and turning. But that’s just one benefit wink, wink. Just a woman’s perspective…and boy, chill, enjoy while you can get it.

Ok I can’t tell you what effects it has on the body. I do remember a study talking about athletes and the Olympics. It wasn’t having sex that hurt their performance, it was staying up all night having sex. I know back in the day (when I wasn’t married) my gains weren’t as good because I either stayed up all night having sex, or I was wanting to get out of the gym to go have sex. Hmmmmm…kinda sucks. Thing is though, if you cut down on the sex and then eventually break up, for other reasons, you’ll be kicking yourself in the ass because you didn’t have as much sex as you could. Either way, hope this helped some.

Thanks for the constructive replies! I would never give up sex. I’ve heard from various sources that having sex increases test levels in the long run but that they can temporarily hinder them. I was wondering if this was true and if so how long would test levels be off? I figured as much as not to have sex right before you walk into the gym, but what about 3 or 4 hours before? I’m thinking about switching my routine to mornings so this won’t be much of an issue soon anyways. Thanks again.

I thought it INCREASED t levels, but not enough to have much of an effect. Didn’t TC have an Atomic Dog about this sort of thing?