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Sexism in Powerlifting

Where do you live? The nation might be able to help you out, might have to do a little drive too. Don’t subject yourself to this just to train.

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That’s lame. I agree with the others, find someplace better to train. It’s their choice to have a club with dumb rules. If they’re going to do that though, i can’t imagine they’d be all that bright in the gym either.

Well, it looks like you don’t really have another option for now. I would look into other gyms or PL clubs when possible, or get equipment at home. On the bright side, at least you have a gym to train in, gyms are closed indefinitely in a lot of places.

What is the name of this club anyway? The No Girls Allowed club? I thought they would be meeting in a treehouse or something, the gym is really a step up.

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“He-man woman haters club.”


There’s actually a few gyms in my area that are men-only and have been since they opened in the 70’s. How they’ve survived that way, I have no idea.

I can understand how the sight of tight yoga pants might be harmful mid max effort squats but this is crazy…


Our powerlifting crew is made up of male and female lifters all weight classes as well. We all help each other.