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I’m sure this will generate lots of jokes, but I am looking for as much advice as I can get. I am a 25 year old virgin(by choice) who is getting married next spring. I would like to know if anyone has any exercises or specific protocols that they feel help them perform better sexually. I’m sure being generally fit and strong( squats,SLDLs, pressing, running etc) will provide a good base, but I am curious as to anything more specific that really helps in the sack. Also, as far as supplements: Does tribex or prohormones significantly add to the drive or abilities of an already horny young guy and if so has anybody had any libido problems when coming off of these compounds. Thanx for any help.

Try androsol and tribex. That should do the trick. Have fun.

Gotta ask, is she a virgin too? Cause the first time prolly wouldn’t be too pleasant. If she is, where’d you find her? (seriously, I’m 21 and in the same spot as you, waiting for marriage).

Hey congrats in your resolve. It was my goal as well, but I failed. Its all in the past, I am married now, so its all good. My advise it to forget the supplements. You won’t need any aids for a long while, my friend. Once you get it, it is all you will be able to think about and all you want to do for the next year or so. Then, look into supplements, but until then you should be good all by yourself.

Find a really good kama sutra book at a book store. Read it, know it, live it. It will make your wife happy as hell.

I was a virgin and my husband was very inexperienced when we got married - don’t worry about a thing, you will both learn together and have a heck of alot of fun. I’ll tell you one thing you can do to make her a really happy wife - learn to control yourself so that you always make her climax first. You may not suceed when you first start, but if you learn to do it she will be a very happy wife in the long run :slight_smile: . Trust me, I know from experience. BTW - you are giving your wife the best gift anyone could give, congrats… my husband still thanks me for waiting (and wishes he had). YOU ARE SO COOL!!!

I waited till 24, which was just about 5 monthes ago. I couldn’t wait & was getting lonely. I’m glad I waited. Here’s what you need to do. Lots of stretching, back, hip flexors, groin. Lots of back exts. S.L.D.L’s. (straight legged deadlifts). Work your abs! Alot. Work your upper body! Dips & weighted dips. Neck bench pressing to build a awesome chest. Work those triceps. OH MY GOD! WORK YOUR FINGERS, WRISTS & FOREARMS. You’ll see why soon! Ha! Since I started making love my abs or very visible! I can’t believe what a workout love makin’ is! It’s breath taking!

I can’t believe nobody’s recommended pushups yet.

I agree with Scott, once you hit it, you won’t need supplements to make you want to go back bro…

Hmmmm… Even though it’s going to be your wife that you’ll losing your virginity to, I’d go ahead and clean your pipes an hour or so before you actually have sex. Seeing as how it will be your first time, whacking off prior will hopefully make it last more than 30 seconds. That, or you could just use a really thick rubber. Others may agree, but that’s what I think.

Without causing this to digress into a dating/relationships board, how did you two meet? As I said before, I’m waiting until marriage, and I’d really like a wife that waited too… but as I’m nearing college graduation, that seems like less and less of a possibility. Any thoughts/tips/suggestions?

I was wondering about things like pushups like Nate mentioned or even just practicing supporting yourself at arms length for long periods of time. Anybody have any special endurance exercises or exercises which help make more positions possible ? Also, my biggest question with regards to tribex or prohormones is will they give me more frequent erections if I already have a strong sex drive ?
Thanx for all the responses.

Benny Hill had some good suggestions and the Kama Sutra is good as well. Follow Ironbabe’s advice every time! I can only add - work your calves well. One position I use when on top ( oh don’t use the same position each time, either!) is sort of like a push-up, that is suspended only by the arms and feet. Then I use my feet to get deep thrusts - sort of like calf raises - works very well for both of us!

Congratulations on saving yourself for your wife. I was also a 25-year old virgin when I got married to my 29-year old virgin wife. I still remember our first time on our honeymoon; it wasn’t great sex by any stretch of the imagination, but that’s okay. We were so much in love it didn’t matter, & besides, it was new to both of us. What was intensely gratifying was all the learning we did – & have been doing – over the last 16 years. Practice makes perfect. And it only gets better. What we had 10 years ago was great, but it pales in comparison to what we have now. So don’t sweat it. You’ve got a lifetime of great sex ahead of you.

As for the supplements, I finished my first cycle of Androsol last week. Wow. My wife says it should be re-named Andro-Lust. I have to agree. I've been on Tribex for a week now & it doesn't make me quite so "edgy," but I think the wife is about ready to hide the bottle...

I don’t think supplements are all that important or useful unless you already have some sort of sexual problem. I’ve used Androsol and Tribex (new and old versions) and never noticed any difference in erections or sexual drive (probably because I’m already healthy). Your best supplement is good food and to be healthy and strong with some good levels of strength endurance and cardiovascular conditioning.

I’ve noticed that triceps, shoulders and abs tend to get the most work, so focusing on strengthening those areas should help. But most weightlifting won’t help because how often do you hold the weight for a long period of time in one position? So strength endurance and static contractions are probably your best bet.
If you use weight training, then do some exercises where you hold the bar or dumbbell for a long period of time 1-3 minutes. You will start shaking like crazy, but this is the type of position you may be in while having sex. So holding yourself in the pushup position and doing static contractions for your abs will be some of the best exercises. Also, it helps to have some cardiovascular conditioning as well. You don’t want to be gasping for air after two minutes of sex.

I have no idea where to find them - no one I knew was a virgin as long as I was. Staying a virgin is a tough job - guys can be relentless, and completely thoughtless about how it will affect you tomorrow. Seriously, they are a rare breed, it will take much luck. Marrying for love is more important than marrying for virginity - I didn’t get a virgin but I got the right man. My husband and I met while both working at a computer store part time while in college. We got hired the same day, and married three months later. That will be five years ago in Nov.

Let’s not overcomplicate the issue here. You want to be a good lover. Well here’s a novel idea. Lots of lovin. Sure an hour in the gym working on sex specific movements (just typing that makes me laugh) many help, but an hour in bed being creative will help more. So have lots of sex, try lots of things, have fun and it should all fall into place. Lets not overcomplecate something that we were all meant to do.

Read some good books on the subject [ love making] and good luck!