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As I have tried to catch up on all the treads here on the forum, I have begun to notice that there are some crazy ass people here. I was wondering where is the craziest place you have ever had sex? If you have yet to fulfill your fantasy, where WOULD that fantasy be? On what work station in the gym or in which part of the gym would you most like to get 'er done?

My gym has tanning booths and believe me, not a day goes by that I don’t fantasize about it!! AHHH… maybe the smith machine DOES have a place in the gym after all…hehe…

craziest place for me? i fucked in a canoe in the middle of a lake. fun times.

i wouldn’t fuck at the gym cuz i wouldn’t want scrubby old man sweat that never got wiped off the bench giving me (another) rash on my nutsack.

A year ago before my present job, I was managing a personal training studio that a friend of mine opened. Most of the clients I trained were older, but I had one young lady 29 yrs of age who was pretty attractive.

She would insist that her training sessions be at
6:00 am and she always came dressed in tight workout shorts and a sports bra in January mind you!

My mind set was that I was going to keep this professional, so I went out of my way to not notice her attributes.

Well anyway after two months of this she invites me out to have a drink and meet a girlfriend of hers, to make a long story short me and her end up hooking up that night and our 6:00 am training sessions after that had little to do with dumbells and treadmills and more to do with hip thrusts and horizontal lunges.

That lasted for about two months and then things rapidly went downhill! She turned very psycho on me and I regretted ever meeting her even though there were some memorable times in the squat rack!

Oh, also an old girlfriend once went down on me in a movie theatre.

Umm in the parking lot of a gorcery store,in one of the rows in a cornfield,in the bathroom at a Super Walmart,take your pick.

In a gym in the washroom on the washer during the spin cycle. Also in the same gym in the jacuzzi.
Recently in my gym with one of the employees in the girls locker room on the floor. I had just gotten out of the tanning bed and the gym was closing. She had been on my di#k for quite some time so I told her if she wanted to she could lock the door and we could go to the girls locker room. She said “so go lock the door”. So I did.
In the men’s locker room in the showers at the country club I worked at when I was in school.
A few weeks ago with a girl I have been “seeing” in broad daylight going down the road in her Beemer with her mouth around my, um, well, you know. Her plates read “DADIGRL”. How appropriate.

Movie Theater.
Parked in front of the club.
Next to a bonfire.

And my favorite…

Driving down the Interstate Highway at 75MPH, my wife climbed over on top of me in traffic and rode me. I felt like I was going to blow her top off!

I had sex with my uncle Ron when we both drank way to much at that holiday party 3 years ago when I was 17 and had a final exam the next day which I didn’t even get a chance to study for until 5 hours before the test with a terrible head…oh…wait…the crazest PLACE?! That would have to be my bed.

The strangest place that I have would be…the top of my car, in a field, it was so romantic (say in a sarcastic tone). My fantasy would be a library (what a dork I am), mostly because it is not appropriate and it would be hard to keep quiet. Not to mention the fact that there is a chance we could get caught!

i did it on the trunk of the car and the car roof in broad daylight on a farm
somewhere… my favorite was at the hotel on the balcony and that was the night i knew i was deeply in love with
her and was for almost 7 yrs…too bad
we broke up…nicest lady i ever met. and now have not had any sex in almost
1 year damit!


Elk: Great story…let’s hear more details…

  1. Stockroom of a wild pair shoe store
  2. In my car in a parking lot at school
  3. In the same room as my girl’s mom (while she was sleeping)…I’m still ashamed…but whew - naughty naughty!

RSU: in a shoe store? Dude, that’s friggin’ hilarious!

I think everyone should have sex at least one time at work. While on the clock. Think about it: you spend so much time at work already, might as well enjoy some of it. Work is also the best time to take naps, eat, etc. We almost got busted the last time I banged a chick at work. I agree with whoever said it first: the fact that you might get caught DOES add a little flavor to the whole deal.

In the kitchen pantry at my buddies New Years party…
Middle of the field hockey field at the University of Richmond…
In my jeep in the driveway at my former girlfriends parents place…

Still daydream everyday (especially now with the spring time dresscode) about my hottie former all american f/h playing coworker…alas it will always be just that, a dream.


I had sex in my bed the other night, and that’s pretty crazy for me, considering how often I actually get some.

Just kidding…

In the walk in cooler at McDonalds.
The parking lot of a movie theatre on a Saturday night.
Bathroom at Walmart.
Kitchen sex is good too, but not really that crazy.

Let’s see…

On my desk at work when I was a summer associate at one firm.

On my chair at work when I was a summer associate the next summer at a different firm.

In the bed of my truck, under the shell in the parking lot at a Padre’s game.

In a hotel pool in Palm Springs during the middle of the day.

Pulled over on the side of the road in a rental car in Canada.

In the interview room at law school.

Those are the ones that spring immediately to mind.

Fantasy: Mile high club.

bent an airman…er airwoman over the breach of an m-1 abrams-kirkuk, iraq-good time though it only lasted for all of about 5 seconds.

in the dirt…she was a nasty bitch.

This will seem tame, I’m sure, but for me and her it wasn’t, at the time.

On the (NOT enclosed) front porch on a hot summer night, with the street light shining through the railings giving us Zebra stripes. The neighbors all around had their windows open, and no air conditioning.

Ah, Torrington, CT!

In a Court Room…On the judges Bench…Fuck him if he can’t take a joke …Oh yeah it was his daughter too…