Here is a kind of embarassing question. Me and my new lady friend have been having sexathons every weekend so far. But I find that when she gets on top it’s hard for me to stay as hard as normal. But as soon as we switch to me on top or behind etc… I’m back to hard as can be. What’s the deal? Also how many times can guys perform. After a couple of sessions of cumming I was finding it hard to get aroused again. I just want to say the previous times lasted a couple of hours each and when I finally did cum I barely had anything, almost none, is that why?


Since you bumped this post back up… is this a serious question? No offence. Sounds like you should try yohimbe tea :))

yohimbe fuel, dangerous (for her) stuff

it was a serious question. Maybe it was just a fluke but lets get serious, who wouldn’t this freak out??


For weekend-long orgies the tea of yohimbe bark should be better. I’m not sure if ‘yohimbe fuel’ or even yohimbine HCL would have the same effect though it does help with erections.
(And no, I never tried the tea myself, but it’s fun to read about :)))

It’s actually not all that uncommon to lose some amount of rigidity in female superior position because you’re getting less stimulation – less thrusting as well as less friction. I didn’t read your post as saying that you lost your hard on completely, just that is wasn’t quite as hard as before. Focus more on the sensation you are getting, as well as the visual stimulation of having her on top, and that might help. Don’t worry about it though.

O.k. here’s a serious answer (no drug orgy stuff - though it is said to work :). All you mention is normal. It may be that you don’t relax when she’s on top (for whatever reason) or that the stimulation isn’t sufficient (she might like a different penetration angle than you - but, hey, she’s in control now:)). Try not moving at all and let her do all the work (hmmmm :))) - see if that works. You have to relax somewhat to get really strong erections, i.e. if you’re too ‘ass-tight’ you will stop the blood flow to the penis.

How many times can guys perform? Depends on many factors, but just about anything is normal if you can stay aroused (with 'aroused' I mean be in the mood for sex, not actually having an erection). If you're not aroused then you may still get erections but you will have to work hard to reach orgasm (if at all). You have to see it in terms of nervous stimulation. If you are stimulating over a long time your body will try to protect itself by setting the thresholds higher. So in other words, you will start feeling less and less and if you can still keep it up you might get completely numb :-). Your ability to have orgasms or get aroused has nothing to do with the volume of your ejaculate or the sperm count in that. If you fire all your amunition you can still use your gun, but it won't be smoking a lot.

That's it. If you have problems/concerns with erections try 'yohimbe fuel' (it might make you jittery though). If you want to try the sex-marathon-tea thing, do a search on the web for 'yohimbe tea'. If you want to stay horny for a longer time try tribulus or androsol.

I reccommend injecting cocaine directly into your penis. The risk of priapism is minor compared to the bliss derived from hours of non-stop thrusting. Seriously, you have nothing to worry about. Why can’t you just not like a certain position? I prefer the dog myself. I think you can analyze this stuff too much. As far as reduced volume, that is a personal variable. I am sure everyone makes different amounts, and react to lengthy sessions in different ways. Finally, most of this could be age-related. Are you a young man, or in your 30s?

Thanks for the help. Does anyone have dosing advice or times when to take the yohimbe, or just follow the label?

Thanks again.

I think some of it was nerves. But no I haven’t lost the ability to function. If that happened I’d be at the docs office or hanging from a rope.