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How long does actual thrusting last during sex?

As long as you want it to last. Hopefully long enough to satisfy your partner but not long enough to make anyone raw.

Depends on the individuals involved. I think
most women prefer in the range of 15-45 minutes, but some like 2-3 hours. Some men
are reportedly capable of only a few minutes
or sometimes even seconds, which would be sad.

If you take out all the teasin and mating ritual, actual intercourse last around 30-40 seconds. Anyone who tells you otherwise is lieing.

Ha ha, Sewerhook, then I must lying. Since I have a clock radio next to the bed, on a number of occasions, I was able to objectively record my time. I would say I average about 20 minutes of thrusting, after about 10-15 minutes of foreplay. Unless I’m in for a quickie, then there is about 1 minute of foreplay and about 5-10 minutes of humpin’.

30-40 seconds? What? Are you serious? Can you really get off in 30 seconds? My god man, are you waiting NINE YEARS in between sexual encounters? The “thrusting” for me usually lasts about fifteen minutes, almost never less than ten or more than forty five.

I have had a few different experiences. With one girl i dated, I would nut two or three times within our session. These usually would last for more than an hour. And this was straight sex. Not foreplay or oral sex. but with the girl i dated next, i only nutted once and would last for a while. maybe thirty minutes or so. I found that the more sex i had, the better i was at controlling it.

It depends. Sometimes not very long, sometimes 30 minutes or longer. It depends on if it’s the first time that session, the first time that week, or the first time in a long time. Generally the more frequently you have sex the longer you last. If you cum once the second cumming (pun intended) takes longer. If you’ve been drinking or smoking dope or something it changes things too. Some times you can go forever when you’re just the right amount of stoned or have a slight buzz from alchohol. Taking all that into the mix, sewerhooker is right 30-40 seconds.

I go for a good 30 seconds. But only being 20 I’m not worried about it, and being 20 give me about 5 minutes and I’m ready again. If you are worried about it you can A) masterbate more often or B) drink a few boozes before you have sex. Condoms also help you go for longer periods of time.

not very long.

Depends how wet the chicks is. The wetter she is the easier it is to nut. Try not to bury the evidence though.

Well it’s like I told the last girl I begged for sex with. I’m just asking for 5 seconds of your time and you won’t feel a thing.

I keep reading that in one position a guy can last at most about 2 minutes. By changing positions it can last a lot longer.

laugh (i think) please oh please oh please tell me you are not serious! 30 seconds? 2 minutes? you HAVE to be kidding. perhaps i have just been lucky, but every relationship i have been in a ‘quicky’ has been at least 15 minutes. and that is not counting foreplay or oral. and thta is not switching positions every 2 minutes either. with my ex, a quicky was about 25 minutes, but average time was 45 or so. well…at least i give you points for honesty.

Personally I just jerk off with warm lube. And when my BeefCurtain gets home from work, its like one stroke done! I’m in, I’m out, I’m sleeping. I got that principle from a great book called “Economy of Motion” by Hugh Janess. I highly recommend it to anyone who is serious about improving their sex life and avoiding their girlfriend.

Michelle is right. What she has said is about par however going for hours is not unheard of in fact pretty common. For my friends and me. It depends on a lot of things: age, experience, practice, self-control, sensitivity, how tight/loose she is, if she orgasms easily or not, and several other factors. The most important on is self-control. If a man has true self control-he can go for hours if he so desires.

Its not quantity time… its quality time baby :wink: grin

If you can’t controll yourself you need to relax enjoy it, you’ll find you can go as long as you want.

When I’m doing it often, as I am now, (with the same chick), I’d rather not go so long, thrusting at about 5- 10 minutes tops. I guess it’s the law of diminishing returns. Also, I don’t wanna hit it for more than 2 minutes in one position, cause it just gets repetitve. (Except Doggy Style, of course, which voids everything).

Once in a while though, we’ll get a jacuzzi room or something, and then I don’t mind going for a while. But regular , everday sex, I don’t think should last so long. You’ll eventually get tired of it.

get tired of it? sex? what? um…no. if it’s boring (which is how i read ‘repetitive’ in this context) something is wrong. once a day is just fine with me, and i can’t recall every getting bored…and he never seemed to have that trouble either.