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Sex: What to Expect for Men


I want to get mentally prepared for this before starting a cycle. A little background: My libido has always been through the roof; the slightest thought or touch (under the right circumstances) can get me going.

From reading around, some are able to get erections on cycle as well as PCT while others will not be able to get an erection until a successful PCT.

How likely is it to get an erection while on cycle? If your libido was high before, can it be said that it’ll remain the same (though, significantly lower than your body’s norm)?
If you do, does the erection last long enough to finish? Are you able to finish?
If you are able to ejaculate, does it contain swimmers?
Does it make you agitated if you are unable to get or maintain an erection on cycle?
Do you think about sex as often as normal while on cycle or is it thrown on the back burner?

Please feel free to share if there’s anything else relevant to this topic.


Edit: I forgot to mention that this’ll be an oral only cycle if that may change the answers to these questions. Don’t bother to drop a “add injection” comment, I’m not prepared to see the inside of jail for a syringe.


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If you had read all of my posts, which I shouldn’t have expected, you would know that I’m from Japan. AAS / PH / DS are perfectly legal here. It’s the syringe that will get you locked away.

But, that went into a deep conversation - proving my stance correct - that I wish not to repeat. Please only add value to this specific topic or leave.


Oral only is missing testosterone so your precious erection and libido will leave you. Enjoy your cycle.


I’m somewhat confused now. I was under the impression that AAS is synthesized. Because of this, your body stops producing testosterone as you have enough. If this is true, then your statement regarding no erections with no testosterone is conflicting. It seems to me that it’d still function on cycle, but not during PCT (as well or if at all); no?


Orals will shut down your natural production.

I know of people that have done oral cycles with no issues and others that have had problems.

I read your first thread when you posted it - If you are going to be in Japan long term with no access to needles do you think its worth even bothering with oral only cycles? Generally they would be done as a first step before advancing to injectables but if you are unable to do this then you are not going to get very far.

I know you said something about trying to get on TRT and this might be a solution for you. I would just consider if the risk/reward is worth it.


All AAS shut you down. This is why you should inject synthetic testosterone. Things like orals and other injectables are testosterone derivatives.


Just to add, I didn’t read everything… Orals are also harder on the liver too. Just remember that.


Just got test and e2 done today. Hopefully the results are promising. Also got cholesterol, thyroid and lipids in perpetration.

Yes, I’ll be here long term. I haven’t thought steroids out long term though. If my oral cycle goes poorly, I may ditch it all together. However, I ought to be shut down by the last day, where I’ll get another test, to see if I can get TRT (or access to pins).

I’ll have the results (probably along with all my packages) on the 18th.


I believe that tanking your testosterone in order to get TRT is a poor idea. If you haven’t thought ‘long term’, as you suggest you haven’t, I think you’re taking steps in the wrong direction. The fact that you’re clearly very uninformed compounds the issue.

As others have suggested, you don’t understand the mechanism of oral steroids if you believe that they will essentially replace the tesosterone production that you’ll lose through the cycle. They’re suppressive just like testosterone injections are, but UNLIKE testosterone injections, they do not keep your testosterone levels high synthetically. They tank it.

Asking about oral-only cycles in a general context , with regard to sexual function, isn’t the way you should be approaching this either. Each oral produces different results in this regard. For instance, a DBol only cycle may keep your sex drive/function high, but a superdrol cycle may not.

Are you aware of anabolic versus androgenic ratings for steroids? I’m guessing not. This aspect plays a major part in the questions you’re asking, and each compound has different ratings.

How about prolactin? Do you know which steroids elevate prolactin and which do not? Do you know what you can take to combat high prolactin? Do you know understand the relationship between estrogen and prolactin, particularly, when both are high?

And finally, your question about ‘swimmers’ is weird. A) of course it does, and B) Why are you worried about that in the context of a short oral only cycle? Unless you want to get a girl pregnant RIGHT NOW, this doesn’t matter. If you ARE trying to get a girl pregnant, don’t take steroids first. If your concern is ‘load size’, this is completely unrelated to the number of swimmers. All of this can be found through internet searches if you take the time to read, which you have not.


I’m not tanking my natural test for the sole purpose of seeking out TRT. I’m running a normal oral only cycle for the benefits that they may possibly bring verses X more hard months of training.

However, there is approximately a 12 hour window of the orals clearing and the beginning of PCT. I figured that this is the best opportunity to run another blood panel and it hopefully be enough to convince a GP into starting TRT (remember, Japan, I’m not going to be seen by an endo).

As far as my question on swimmers is concerned, I’m not trying to get anyone pregnant - ever again. But, it’s still a valid question in relation to the topic. If testosterone is necessary for sperm production, would the synthesized version fill the role of sperm production or not? Would this even matter with the previous questions about sex? Has anyone gotten a sperm count while on cycle? I’ve yet to hear anything about this except for, “you’re gonna get deca dick” comments; they’re all uneducated responses in other words.

To answer your other questions though: Simply put, I’m still learning. I’m reading all I can on the substances that I will take, even the supplements. It’s my body, and my health. I’m not a 19 year old kid seeking the perfect beach bod for the summer. I’m an educated 29 year old family man.

Though, I still have time. My packages arrive soon, and I still have another session with the doc before I even begin to pop my first pre-cycle supplement (some of which admittingly after reading about should already be in my diet).

But thank you for the polactin (another test that the doc ordered along with fsh) and estrogen level question. Although mine doesn’t aromatize, it should still be something that I look into (and may be more necessary to know than I put off). I’ll read up on that today.

Edit: Forgot to fill in the missing link. I will be doing Epistine instead of OT.


If you’re getting a blood panel when you know your test is going to be lowest, then you ARE tanking your test to get on TRT. I don’t know why you want to be on TRT, but that’s your business. As a side note, GP’s prescribe most of the TRT in the US as well. That, or they go to TRT clinics. Doctors at these clinics are usually quite poorly educated on the subject, contrary to what one might believe. It’s just easy money for them. Most people don’t see an Endo.

The answer to your sex question depends on what you take, specifically. You can still get a girl pregnant on steroids. Sperm count is decreased tremendously, this has indeed been proven. HCG, however, can keep your sperm production active, if that’s a goal. I still don’t understand why this is a concern if you don’t want to have kids though.

I’ll also share an anecdote. I know a guy who was taking a large amount of steroids, no HCG. He decided that was as good as birth control. He was proven wrong.

Deca dick is a real thing, but it’s because of the type of steroid deca is. High prolactin is likely the cause of the problem, but it’s not certain, from what I’ve read. There are still mysteries out there as to the exact mechanisms of most compounds.

I get that you’re a 29 year old family man. I’m a 32 year old family man. So my perspective is largely the same as yours. I get it.

You’re right, Epistane doesn’t aromatize, at least in theory. The only oral-only cycle I ever ran was Epistane. By the end of it, my joints hurt quite a bit, but I did get stronger. It also tanked my testosterone. It ALSO raised my estrogen. Even though it’s not supposed to be an aromatizing compound, estrogen levels can go up when you run it. I’m not sure why this happens, but my bloodwork showed this to be the case, and other people have seen the same thing. So that’s just something to be aware of.

Sexual side effects of Epistane for me were basically just a lack of interest in sex. It was particularly bad when I finished the cycle. I didn’t like it.

A final note: for myself, I had a vasectomy after I had my first/only son. So my sperm count is zero now. If you don’t want kids, that’s a pretty good thing :slight_smile:


I suppose you’re right in a sense. However, I’d also like to know the values of others (cholesterol, etc.) to combat specific problems that may arise. I just thought - and from what I’ve seen, - a test pre–, during, and post cycle, may be good to have. While my intended purpose isn’t solely to get TRT, rather access to pins to run a better 2nd cycle, I can see how it can be interpreted that I only want TRT from this cycle. That’s not entirely true, I’d like gains as well. :wink:

About your friend, I was thinking the same thing… that this would essentially work as a male contraceptive for the duration of the cycle. A vas. is definitely on my to-do list, but it’s just so expensive here (I know, babies are too…) and only localized pain relief as pain relievers are almost - if not more - illegal than syringes here.

Was your lack of interest in sex taken away if your partner initiated it though? Lack of interest just sounds like if it were Netflix & chill, you’d want to finish the movie first; but, everything else functions as it should afterwards. Am I (hopefully) right to think this way? Did your change of interest in sex alter your mood about it, ie, frustrate you? Thanks.

Gave me more to read about Epi (estrogen levels and what to expect / how to handle); thanks again. Though, with my slight gyno, I may have higher e2 than “normal”, well see when my blood work is back. If I have any questions about that I’ll open another thread.


Don’t worry about the pain of a vasectomy. I had none. Didn’t take anything for it. No pain relievers at all, aside from the shot used to numb the area during the surgery of course.

The lack of interest I’m talking about pretty much means you won’t have sex, and it won’t bother you. Functionally speaking, it may be difficult to work because of the serious lack of interest. But it might not be that bad.

Glad you’re open to suggestions overall. Been a decent thread.


If you can find them, you can take testosterone undeconate pills. These are non-mentholated meaning they will not be toxic to the liver. The libido should be fine on cycle if you are taking test and controlling est and prolactin levels. During PCT you may notice a decrease in libido, it depends on the protocol and how badly you shut your body down but that’s why they made Viagra.


I’m gonna be real brutally honest here. My libido is so uncomfortably high I can easily be having sex 2-3 times a day while still masturbating 4 more times. I fucking hate it sometimes and I love it other times but it’s definitely a blessing and a curse. I’m not even on that much gear it’s just g2g and seems to be doing its job. if ur using orals only your libido is gone my friend lol.


That’s false man. I don’t know why people believe this is true. Why do people think the ONLY toxic aspect of oral steroids is the methylation? That’s just dumb. That makes it MORE toxic in most cases, but even injectable steroids like tren can wreak havoc on the liver at high doses.

And Viagra doesn’t affect libido, you mother fucking idiot. Just go away, you don’t know a single thing about anything.


Flip, he said they were non-mentholated - they didn’t taste like menthol - not non-methylated. It’s not the same. Just like menthol cigarettes can rot your teeth, menthol steroids can rot your liver.

Glad I could clear this up. Now, don’t you feel silly?


Hey no need for the name calling. I was just giving him input on what I thought about his oral only cycle and a less toxic approach. Also would you care to explain the pathways that injectables are liver toxic. I believe we are all on here to learn something. Going around and calling people idiots is only counter productive but sometimes people just need to inflate their ego.


injectable steroids pass through the liver as well. Basically when anything foreign is introduced to the body, specifically the blood stream, it passes through the liver.

So here’s the thing about the liver. Basically any drug has the potential to be toxic to the liver. The level of toxicity is dependent on amounts and duration of use. Oral steroids are often considered more toxic to the liver, because they need extra protection (methlyation) to survive the FIRST pass through the liver before breaking down into the blood stream. Otherwise they’re a useless product. For the liver to break off the methyl aspect of the molecule, liver enzymes are produced in excess. Liver enzymes are the essential indicator we use to understand levels of toxicity in the body/liver.

Anyway, injectables do the same thing, they just don’t do it as much.

I was irritated because everything you said was false. Shit happens. I wanted to make sure that the OP got the right info loud and clear. But I do realize most people don’t actually understand this stuff at all, so thank you for giving me a platform to elaborate. I probably should have done that from the start, but I don’t always like to write long posts. Sometimes I just make corrections and yell at people.