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Sex Used As A Weapon


Feminist logic... if you aren't voting for ABORTION than you DO NOT respect women.

This feminist woman in Texas is having a melt down: Norris fumed, This may sound a bit extreme and some will say sex should not be used as a weapon but lets get real, this is Texas, and men in Texas who have not woken up and smelled the coffee simply do not deserve any loving (sex)."

Feminist said "pro-life women are merely oppressed and harming their female peers with their judgment and beliefs: These women, like women who hurt other women everywhere by criticizing and judging them, need to wake up as well. Women hurting other women is suicidal."

Babies have survived outside the womb at 20 weeks. Think about your cycles in lifting and how long twenty weeks is. Five months to decide whether to have an abortion isn't long enough to make up your mind?

Is it a future Olympic lifter or just a bug to be squashed?

That's what liberals accept as "CHOICE." That is No Choice.


I truly believe we are living in a day in age where evil is considered good, and good considered evil.


I love Parker Jotters. I have four of them.

But more seriously...I can't understand people that are pro-abortion but won't eat unfertilized free range chicken eggs.


I agree.

And how many abortions would end if all those sad "adopt a pet" commercials with the intensely pitiful pictures of mistreated or homeless cats and dogs were exchanged with disturbing pitiful images of babies being pulled apart with no regard to them feeling pain?

It would galvanize people's minds and hearts to end this painful butchering instead of calling it "choice."

The liberal mind says we are parasites overwhelming a world of it's resources, contributing to global warming and accelerating the extinction of the planet. Abortion of the most innocent and helpless is like a altar sacrifice to squelch perceived ills done to the planet.




Wait, there was a black doctor butchering black babies and it wasn't news? I would have thought the fact there was a doctor who was black would have been on the front page. What's next, a black lawyer? Astronaut? President? Keep hope alive!


In the context of voting to allow/prevent the aborting of fetuses, this statement is funny as hell.


You and I agree on what you said , but I bet for opposite reasons


I guess I am a feminist because I feel until the fetus has ability to survive on it's own, it life is at the discretion of the mother. It could further be argued that the said fetus could be evicted at moms whim as well , at any time . The state that has draconian laws could pay for life support if they wish


So, can the mother just stop taking care of a child at any time? I mean, if it can survive on it's own, why the hell not? we can't force a mom to physically use herself to care for one, right?


So a baby even at 40 weeks can not survive on its own. Maybe even till about 2 years old. So a mother has the right to kill a child till they are 2 years of age? A fetus is a baby.


NO a child can be adopted or live the beginning of it's life on life support


So can a 20 week old baby. A child still needs someone to take care of it. The baby can not have life on its own without the help of an adult.


That requires a woman to put it up for adoption and turn it over to the state. I thought you shouldn't force anyone to do anything?


I would think rather than say, she signs an order to abort she signs a waiver of parental rights .
A lot of people claiming they can not get a child via adoption could be waiting in line to pay for life support until the child is viable


Oh, so you want to force her to sign a legal document...


:slightly_smiling: I want her to have her baby and bring it up in a loving home


If that is what you believe then I am all for that. I will agree with this statement.


Then you and I agree:)


Seems reasonable.