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Sex the Day Before a Workout?


I was always curious about this; some time ago I saw this discovery channel program(or not), I believe show was about busting myth(not myth buster). Long story short, in it, they had some ex boxing champion doing physical tests before and after sex. they found out that the day after sex he had elevated testosterone levels in blood compared to the day before.

So my theory is that wouldn't this elevated testosterone(natural) help in the work out by acting like synthetic steroids in the same way?


What happens here is when you have sex (or even masturbate) regularly, your body has a slightly higher base level of testosterone. I think the right amount here is about 3 times a week. I'm pretty sure that the increased testosterone is not even remotely close to the increase that you would see from anabolics... Otherwise I would be huge. I should have named my hand and put the a tattoo on my left ass cheek by now.


No, even natural high levels don't approach synthetic levels when using.

P.S. don't sweat the small stuff, sex is good, weightlifting is good, do both.


I usually prefer orgies, sex is very mild to have a preworkout effect for me.


i'd abstain from having sex within a 2 hour window of working out.

if you have to choose though, get laid and workout later (or the next day)


I've hit PR's in the gym after having sex less than an hour earlier. I think the fact that I felt awesome from sex helped my efforts under the bar.


no shit?

i end up just feeling sluggish and just want to chill and eat a pizza.


The temporary boost in T may make you feel more energetic during the workout. But the increase will not be close to levels achieved with exogeneous administration.

Even if sex did boost blood levels of T as high as synthetic T can, it still takes weeks for protein sythesis to occur. One day of high T levels will not have a lasting effect on strength or muscle growth.


x2. For me, before leg session is the worst thing you can do.


I'm more curious about peri-workout.


you're probably all virgins.


I am




Is this is a serious post? I've had sex 5 minute before heading to the weightroom and saw no difference other than the way I stunk.


that bad eh? ahh comfort foods...


I read that as "while heading to the weight room" at first. You had me pretty impressed for about a second.


If I told you my gym's across the street from my apt does that count?


yeah, to bad his gf was only impressed for 300 of them.


...It was your gf...


hahaha. don't you wish.

in all seriousness though, i know what you're talking about. my roomie will bang a girl and then go out and run a few miles. i'll bang a girl and then just want to play xbox.

who knows man. might make for a good science projet